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The next evolution in digital cast control system is offered in Shimano’s new Calais 200DC. A unique new 4x8 Digital Control braking system provides exceptional casting distance and backlash control. There are 32 different settings, eight in each of four modes - extreme mode for competition casting; long distance for normal fishing situations; accuracy mode for pitching low spool speed lures; and a wind mode when the conditions prevent most anglers from using a bait casting reel.

Reels which employ conventional (Centrifugal or Magnetic type) braking systems to prevent backlash operate efficiently around 15,000 to 20,000 rpm. With the digital braking technology employed by Calcutta TE DC, it is possible to allow spool rotation to exceed 50,000 rpm! (Extreme Distance Mode) and still maintain excellent line control for longer, more accurate casts.

By opening the side Escape Hatch you can dail in the mode you want.(X-Extreme Distance,L-Long Distance, A- Accuracy and W-Wind)Then simply set the eight-level selector dial and the Calais DC allows you to refine the braking application based on lure type and casting method.

The Shimano Calais DC reels have the following features:

  • 4x8 Digital Control
  • 10BB + 1RB S A-RB Anti-Rust Bearings
  • Magnumlite Spool
  • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
  • Tapered Titanium Levelwind Insert
  • Smooth and high power Dartanium Drag Performance
  • Super Free Pinion Gear System (SF) eliminates friction between the pinion gear and the spool shaft for increased freespool
  • Super stopper anti-reverse
  • Cold Forged Handle Shank
  • Recessed reel foot for excellent palmability and comfort
  • Aluminum Frame and Sideplates

All the Shimano Calais DC reels have 10 ball bearings with one roller bearing and retrieve thirty one inches of line per crank.

Additional specifications for these reels are provided in the table below.

Max DragGear RatioWeight
CL200DC (Right)10/130
127.0:19.5 oz.
CL201DC (Left)10/130
127.0:19.5 oz.


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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (4)
Smooth Drag System (4)
Easy Casting (4)
Smooth Reeling (4)
Line Doesn't Tangle (4)
Durable (2)
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Simply the BEST!!
St. Louis, MO
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I personally think this is the best baitcasting reel ever made!! It so smooth when casting, and reeling. It simply doesnt get any better than this. I as well have to set my brakes all the way when using any other reel, except this one. In having that ability I can cast longer with NO birds nest! It's 4x8 abilities let u skip, flip, pitch, anything you want, you can do with this reel. If you have the extra money layin around, I would go out and buy this reel! Great product!!!!!!!
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Reliable, Easy Casting, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System, Durable
Cons: Price
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging
Great for the beginner
Southern Indiana
About Me:
I am a novice with a baitcaster and always have to keep the spool brakes on all the way with my other $300 reels to be able to use them. This is my first reel with its digital braking system that allows me to let off the brake and get much further casting with no birdnesting! This is one awesome reel that works and looks great. It also makes a really neat sound when casting.
Pros: High Quality
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: none
Pure [*]
Kouvola, Finland
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I use my Calais DC 200 always when i`m fishing. It`s really something new. Fishing is very easy and fun whit this reel.
Pros: Friends are jelous, Smooth Drag System, Durable, Easy Casting, Smooth Reeling, Line Doesn't Tangle
Cons: Price
Best Uses: Jerk fishing
carmichael, Ca.
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I recently purchased a Calais 200DC reel to use on my Loomis PR844C 7 ft fast action rod. I do95% crankbait fishing . This reel is a true marvel. It by itself makes fishing fun. Couldn't think of a beter way to spend [$]
Pros: Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, a # 1 on all fronts, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System
Best Uses: Jigging, lake Fishing for Bass, River Fishing
Makes Me Happy
Shreveport, LA.
About Me:
Avid Fisher
It is a pleasure to use and a great conversation piece to have in your collection.
Pros: Easy Casting, Smooth Drag System, Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Reeling, Reliable
Cons: none
Best Uses: Bass Fishing