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Seaguar Kanzen High Performance Braid

$26.95 - $73.95
Sale $18.87 - $51.77

Seaguar Kanzen High Performance Braid is constructed using advanced microfibers with a high-density weave for maximum knot strength, abrasion resistance and durability. This thin diameter, high-performance line is amazingly sensitive and smooth casting. Kanzen High Performance Braid works well with medium to large size spinning reels and all sizes of baitcasting and conventional reels, freshwater and salt.

We offer Seaguar Kanzen High Performance Braid in 8 through 100 lb. test in 300 yd. filler spools. Color is low impact green. Please note that the 100 lb. test features a hollow core design.


Kanzen Specifications
TestDia. (in.)Mono. Equiv.
8 lb..00502 lb.
10 lb..00543 lb.
12 lb..00583 lb.
15 lb..00654 lb.
20 lb..00736 lb.
30 lb..010210 lb.
40 lb..011212 lb.
50 lb..014620 lb.
60 lb..015925 lb.
80 lb..018530 lb.
100 lb..020540 lb.


Review Summary
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Smooth Casting (2)
Best Uses

double surgeons knot
St.Clair Shores.Mi.
About Me:
i have Kanzen in 15 20 lb.15# is on vanstaal 100 on a Kistler 7 1/2 ft.titanium spin rod..over lap the braid with the flouro leadrer 6 to 8 inches and do a double over hand not,slide back down to each pother and wet and cinch.u can burnish on a piece of wood if you want ,it takes the edge off the knot...SECOND WAY::::make a 8 to 10 '' LOOP Iin each line.then due the same procedure as the doubling over the two lines it is easier as the material is thicker and easier to handle..i did have some trouble with wind knots,just take your time and gently pull it apart..also when spooling ,put the spool in a pan of water,the water just makes it spool onto the reel a little easier.or when you start fishing,make short casts,gradually getting longer and as the braid get wet,it will cast better..
Pros: 15#kanzen is very fine, a little hard to work with BUT it, s good when it, s done right
Cons: it, s fine a lite breeze makes it hard to control
Best Uses: i have 15# on a spin reel
Wind Knots
Sarasota, FL
About Me:
I've been on a search for braids that resist wind knots - the only drawback that many braids have. I manually close the bail, and that helps, but they still happen. So far, after a couple of weeks with this Seaguar braid, I have been very pleased. Casts just fine and no knots so far. Hope my quest is over... Raul from Sarasota, FL
Pros: no wind knots, Smooth Casting
Cons: none
Best Uses: Saltwater - Inshore
Excellent braid
10,000 Islands, Florida
About Me:
Criticism about knot slippage means lack of experience tying braids. ALWAYS double the braid to tie any knot; it's still smaller than the leader or a similar knot in mono or fluro. A touch of SuperGlue on a braid knot will fix ANY tendency to slip. I use a 4x Uni knot mostly and a touch of flexible CA glue rubbed into it and I NEVER have a knot slippage.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
Seaguar Kanzen Braid
Milwaukee, WI
About Me:
This is a very nice braid. In my opinion its smoother casting and stronger than almost any other braid Ive tried. It has one major downfall though. I tried using almost every knot for braid that i could find, and they all seem to either break or come undone. I think this braid is almost too slippery, which allows the knots to come loose. There must be a special knot that you are supposed to use, but seaguar does not provide that information on the box.
Pros: Smooth Casting, Thin diameter, very strong
Cons: Low knot strength
Best Uses: Casting, Jigging