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PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement

$25.95 - $57.95

PowerPro Spectra
Downrigger Cable Replacement Line

PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement Line is not affected by salt water, UV rays, or most chemicals and solvents. PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement Line is a great alternative for running deep with trolling weights, planer devices and downriggers (manual or electric). PowerPro delivers the sensitivity, strength, near zero stretch and silence needed to catch more fish.

Spectra Fiber is composed of polyethylene, a very slick plastic. In fact, the only material that is slicker than Spectra is Teflon. Spectra, combined with PowerPro's Enhanced Body Technology, makes a rounder and smoother line.

Additional features of PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement Line include:

  • Eliminates electrostatic hum of steel downrigger cable
  • Delivers strength needed to securely hold the cannonball in place
  • Small diameter minimizes blowback
  • Resists burying in the spool
  • No Memory
We stock PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement Line in 150, 200 and 250 pound tests in both 300 and 450 foot spools. This line is available in Moss Green.

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Cut my Strikes in Half

Elko Nevada

About Me:

I bought this product last spring, it works good it eliminates that hum you get from metal cable and produces less drag in the water so your swing  to the weight is cut in half. the only issue I have is this.... I immediately noticed a remarkable decrease in strikes after going to this product.  In doing some research I have discovered that the metal downrigger cable actually creates it's own electrical field which prodeces more strikes .  I still catch fish, just not as many as I use to with this product.  Just FYI

                        Charlie Michael

                         Elko, NV

Pros: Eliminates Cable Hum

Cons: none

Best Uses: none

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