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P-Line Voltage Copolymer Monofilament Line is a tournament grade line extruded with P-Line's proprietary UV-Guard technology. By adding a UV inhibitor during the extrusion process, P-Line has built a line that is shielded from the sun's destructive rays ensuring a much longer life on your reel, without losing valuable breaking strength.

It's always been a challenge to find the perfect line with just the right amount of abrasion resistance, castability and breaking strength without having to go to the extreme of using a small or large diameter line. All of these features were taken into consideration when P-Line developed the specifications for Voltage. Whether you're loading a spinning reel to fish the flats or putting 10 baitcasters on the deck of your bass boat, Voltage is a line that will easily find your trust and a place in your tackle arsenal.

We carry P-Line Voltage Copolymer Monofilament Line in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 25 and 30 lb. test. 4 through 20 lb. test lines come on 300 yard filler spools while 25 and 30 lb. test lines come on 260 yard filler spools. Line color is clear.


P-Line Voltage Line
Pound TestDiameter
4 lb.0.0075
6 lb.0.0094
8 lb.0.0112
10 lb.0.0126
12 lb.0.0138
15 lb.0.0154
17 lb.0.0173
20 lb.0.0181
25 lb.0.0193
30 lb.0.0209
Another great p-line!!
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Great line in 4lb for ultra-lite trout fishing. performs well.
Pros: quality product
Cons: none
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