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The P-Line Halo Fluorocarbon Line - Bulk Spools are the future of fluorocarbon fishing line. Halo's Co-Fluoride design, which blends various pure fluorocarbon crystals, gives the angler the best combination of strength, sensitivity, cast-ability and invisibility under the water. Halo also has a higher specific gravity, giving the line a much faster sink rate.

The P-Line Halo Fluorocarbon Line - Bulk Spools are 100% pure fluorocarbon, so it has a low refractive index making it nearly invisible underwater. This line has been optimized with a mist green tint for use in lakes, rivers, streams and inshore saltwater environments.

P-line Halo Fluorocarbon Line
4 Lb.0.007"2000
6 Lb.0.008"2000
8 Lb.0.010"2000
10 Lb.0.011"2000
12 Lb.0.0116"2000
15 Lb.0.014"2000
17 Lb.0.015"2000
20 Lb.0.016"2000
great line high quality
United States
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this line is great it works well is very shear and near invisible on shore let alone in the water it vanishes i love it and have zero regrets spending the money on it it is worth every penny
Pros: strong no tangle invisible in the water
Cons: none
Best Uses: None Specified