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P-Line C21 Copolymer Line - Bulk Spools

$39.95 - $59.95

The P-Line C21 Copolymer Bulk Spool Fishing Line will keep you fishing all season long without worrying about running out of line or breaking your wallet. P-Line designed this C21 line to combine two of their most popular lines, the CX-Premium and the CXX X-Tra Strong lines.

The P-Line C21 Copolymer Bulk Spool Fishing Line offers superior castability and knot strength. With its soft construction, this line will fly off of your reel and virtually have no memory.

The P-Line C21 Copolymer Bulk Spool Fishing Line is manufactured with 2 types of nylon and Japanese materials and technology. This line works great for spinning or baitcasting reels.


P-Line C21
TestWeight Of SpoolYards
4 Lb.1 Lb.9000
6 Lb.1 Lb.8500
8 Lb.1 Lb.8000
10 Lb.1 Lb.7000
12 Lb.1 Lb.5500
15 Lb.2 Lb.9000
17 Lb.2 Lb.7500
20 Lb.2 Lb.7000
25 Lb.2 Lb.5500
30 Lb.2 Lb.4500
40 Lb.2 Lb.3700
50 Lb.2 Lb.2700
60 Lb.2 Lb.2100
Dependable Lines


About Me:
These lines are tough and dependable, yet has no memory, so it's always straight. I use it mainly for my salmon fishing, able to pull in 20-30lbs with ease. Line hasn't snap from fish pull, only snap when snag on rock or cravases.

Pros: dependable

Cons: None

Best Uses: NA

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