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The Mason Crappie Rigs feature two 2 3/4 inch, free-swinging extension arms to keep hooks clear of leader. Each rig has fluorescent beads, a stainless steel snap and nickel-plated brass swivel. The Mason Crappie Rigs feature two gold Aberdeen snelled hooks on 6 inch leaders with loops for easy connecting. Each package contains 1 Mason Crappie Rig.

We carry the Mason Crappie Rigs in sizes 8, 6, 4 and 2. (Sizes are based on hook size).

Crappie Rig
About Me:
Lazy angler
Not bad for panfish. When Crappie are hungy any rig will do with the right size hook and live or artificial bait. Used to use sunfish eyeballs when no other bait will do.
Pros: Pre-made rig
Cons: Too much metal
Best Uses: Panfish