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Luhr Jensen Jet Divers feature a unique, buoyant design that collects water pressure against its wings to dive; yet when pressure is relaxed, the Jet Diver will float off of structure. The preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the Jet Diver enables the presentation of lures and baits tight to the river bottom where most fish are found, without getting hung-up in this difficult environment. Trolling anglers incorporate Jet Divers as controlled-dive tools that are highly capable of bumping over bottom structure, and floating free should they become stuck.

Features of the Luhr Jensen Jet Divers include:

  • 10' diving depth
  • 3" in length
  • Use trolling or river backtrolling
  • Fish-attracting colors
  • Floats at rest
  • UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the Jet Diver's visibility (select colors)


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just received. looks good. fishing for walleye in the summer you got to get the lure down. this should do the trick
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