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Lively Legz Iron Mike flies are an all-purpose streamer pattern, great for a wide variety of gamefish including trout, steelhead, smallmouth bass and more. The Iron Mike perfectly mimics small baitfish and entices strikes with a combination of pulsating movement and flash from the marabou tail and flashabou body and wing. The beadhead design helps to get the fly down into the feeding zone. Lively Legz Iron Mike flies are tied on quality, size 8 streamer hooks.

Each package contains 2 flies.

Iron Mikes.
About Me:
Unbelievable pattern for fall & winter steelhead. Hard aggressive strikes in the fall. Trout love it better and I think more affective than a wooly bugger.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: Trout / Steelhead
Iron mike
Indiana, pa
About Me:
I've witnessed and have had days on many streams where I never took the iron mike from the end of my line. Landed 20 plus trout before ever changing. Product is unreal in the water!
Pros: Imitates small baitfish/minnows much better than a bugger
Cons: None
Best Uses: Stocked rainbows, steelhead