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HMH Cut To Length Plastic Tubing

HMH Cut To Length Plastic Tubing is easy to work with as well as inexpensive. The plastic tubing can be cut to any length allowing you to customize the flies to your liking.

The Large Rigid Tubing measures 1/8" OD x 5" long. Each package contains 12 pieces of the rigid tubing. Each package also contains approximately 12" of junction tubing, as well as approximately 24" of micro tubing. The micro tubing can be used for tying smaller flies, as liner for metal tubes or for nesting.

The Micro Tubing measures 1/16" OD x approximately 36" long. Micro tubing is great for use when tying smaller flies such as nymphs or dries. This tubing makes excellent liner material when tying with metal tubes, acting as a protector for your leader material. The micro tubing fits nicely into a standard 3/16" bead head. The micro tubing is also great for nesting.

The Small Rigid Tubing measures 3/32" OD x 5" long. Each package contains 12 pieces of the rigid tubing as well as approximately 12" of junction tubing.

Large Rigid TubingMicro TubingSmall Rigid Tubing
Large Rigid Tubing Micro TubingSmall Rigid Tubing

The junction tubing included with the rigid tubes is the proper size to fit the rigid tubes it comes with.

To order, please select a size from the list above.

Plastic Tubing
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