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Eagle Claw Minnow Trap

Eagle Claw LogoThe Eagle Claw Minnow Trap is an easy way to catch fresh minnow and keep them alive for whole day of fishing. This Minnow Trap features a Black vinyl coated wire mesh construction, 1" inward coned-shaped entrances, and a clip to secure the two halves of the trap. Simply place your choice of bait inside and the minnows will funnel in through the openings.

The Eagle Claw Minnow Trap is available in size 9" x 16 1/2" in color Black.

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This one is the BEST!
Russian River, Northern California
About Me:
I love this trap. I bought five and plan to buy more. This morning I went out and collected a single trap I set the night before and was very pleased to see it packed....I got 30 crawdads in one trap.
Pros: Durable
Cons: none
Best Uses: Catching Mud Bugs