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Floating Slip-On Leader Loops

Cortland Floating Slip-On Leader Loops are the ideal way of connecting your leader to fly line. Simply slide your fly line into the center of the braided loop connector and secure the connector to the fly line with the small shrink tube sleeve. The strong, permanent loop on the connector can then be used to make a loop-to-loop connection with your leaders. The floating design helps to keep the tip of the fly line floating high on the water.

We offer these floating leader loops in both 30 pound test, which are designed for use on 2 to 7 weight fly lines, and 50 pound test, which are designed for use on 8 to 15 weight fly lines. These loops are available in clear.

These packages contain four leader loops and enough shrink tubing for at least four connections.

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John's review onCortland floating slip-on leader loops
About Me:
These leader loops are new to me because I'm just getting back into fly fishing. So I decided to try them and they are easy to use. I haven't wet a line with them on yet , but I pulled on them pretty hard they seem pretty stable. After I use them I'll leave further feedback.
Pros: easy to put together
Cons: none
Best Uses: Put together at home