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 >  > Blackbird Steelhead Slider Floats by Redwing Tackle

Blackbird Steelhead Slider Floats
by Redwing Tackle

New Item!

Blackbird Steelhead Slider Floats feature a one-piece clear plastic construction with hi-vis orange tops. These floats are designed to be nearly invisible in the water and very durable. Steelhead Slider floats are made in Canada by Redwing Tackle and are very popular for trout, steelhead and salmon fishing.

Steelhead Slider Floats have silicon tubing through the middle of the float to hold the line in place. These floats come in a single package and include Blackbird bobber stops to secure your bobber at the desired spot on the line.

Additional information on these floats is provided in the table below.

SS15.75"24 grams
SS24.50"16 grams
SS33.50"6 grams

To order, please select the size and color from the lists above.

Great Float
B.C., Canada
About Me:
Not Specified
Tracks perfectly, but material cracks easily if bounced off rocks.
Pros: stealth, comes with float stops
Cons: cost
Best Uses: None Specified