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Blackbird Slip Floats These are the Blackbird slip floats made in Canada by Redwing Tackle. They have excellent buoyancy and castability and are popular for all types of drift and float fishing. They are similar to the Blackbird Originals, but also have a glow-in-the-dark tip and a living rubber bobber stop.

They have a fluorescent orange top, black bottom and a black removable plastic quill with a glow tip. These floats come two to a package.

We stock these floats in the models with their corresponding sizes:

  • Model TSL-1; 1" diameter with a 3 1/2" quill
  • Model TSL-2; 7/8" diameter with a 3" quill
  • Model TSL-3; 3/4" diameter with a 2 5/8" quill

The 3/4" size is small and would be suitable for smaller streams. The 7/8" and 1" are fairly large and is suitable for larger rivers and streams.

Good floats!
Franklin, PA
About Me:
Avid Fisher
Perfect for steelhead fishing.
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong
Cons: none
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Thinking about changing brands...
Cleveland Ohio
About Me:
I started using these floats a year ago. When drift fishing for steelhead you sometimes lose a float or two. As I have purchased more of these I started to notice a drastic inconsistency with the fit of the pins. Some are so tight that you bend it trying to adjust it, some are so loose they will not stay in place and every cast calls for resetting the float. Packages come with two floats. I have not found one package that the pins fit the same way. Its time to change products.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: none