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Panfish: Tools(12)
Baker Comfort Grip Pliers
Baker Comfort Grip Pliers are heavy duty, tapered pliers with non-slip, comfort grips. Baker Comfort Grip Pliers are six inches in length and very durable.
Baker Comfort Grip Clippers
Baker Comfort Grip Clippers are excellent tools to have in your vest or tackle box. Baker Comfort Grip Clippers feature a rubberized grip for extra comfort.
$3.25 - $3.55
P-Line Aluminum Pliers
P-Line Aluminum Pliers offer anglers strong, durable pliers at a great, affordable price.
Cold Snap Toothpick Hook Remover
The Cold Snap Toothpick Hook Remover easily removes deeply set hooks with ease. It works on all styles of hooks and jigs without making the paint chip or peel o
Simms Retractor
The Simms Retractor allows you to keep important tools ready for action and close at hand. This injection molded retractor attaches to virtually anything with a
P-Line Spooling Assistant
The P-Line Spooling Assistant is the perfect accessory to allow for easy spooling your reel anywhere. This device features a suction cup base that will adhere t
Rapala Fish Counter
The Rapala Fish Counter lets you easily keep track of your catch, whether it is for your creel limit or just for bragging rights. It offers easy one hand operat
Berkley Submersible LED Fishing Light
The Berkley Submersible LED Fishing Light features 6 high intensity green LED's that attract most fish species. The specially designed reflector disperses l
Northland Jig Eye-Buster
The Northland Jig Eye-Buster allows you to easily clean out the eye of any jig or jighead. This handy tool features metal construction with a red, rubber-dipped handle for a sure grip. The Northland Jig Eye-Buster measures approximately 2 3/8" long and includes a hole for attaching a lanyard. This tool is a great addition to any tackle box and will save you from the frustration of clearing paint from a jig eye while on the water.
Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler
The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler measures fish up to 22 inches. This ruler features an L-bend for placement of the fishes head to get an accurate measurement at the tail. This ruler is great for areas with slot size limits. The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler features durable anodized aluminum construction and has pre-drilled holes for mounting on boats and docks. This ruler has a gold finish with white markings and is Berkley model BAAMB.
Fishin' Stix Extendable Fishing Rod Holders
Fishin' Stix Extendable Fishing Rod Holders are perfect for shore and bait fishermen looking for an easy solution for a rod prop. Fishin' Stix feature an expand
$2.95 - $3.95
Berkley Digital Tournament Fish Scale
The Berkley 15 Pound Digital Tournament Fish Scale records multiple fish weights and also totals the weights of all the fish together. This is the perfect scale