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Okuma: Accessories5 RESULTS
Okuma Universal Reel Grease
Okuma Universal Reel Grease will help reduce gear train friction for easier cranking and exceptionally smooth drag performance. This grease is fortified with PTFE and polymers for superior heat and wear resistance. Okuma Universal Reel Grease is made in the U.S.A.
Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit
The Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit gives you a jar of universal reel grease and a tube of Corrosion X Heavy Duty. This kit was put together to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion that results in rust and corrosion. The Corrosion X HD forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self healing film that resists corrosion from splash, spray, or complete submersion in salt water. It will also slowly break down existing rust and corrosion, remove moisture, and stop electrolysis. Okuma Reel ...
Okuma Reel Shield Neoprene Reel Covers
2 Reviews
Okuma Reel Shield Neoprene Reel Covers are seam sealed, water proof, neoprene reel covers that keep reels and drags dry and protected from dings, dirt, and dust. These covers have soft sides and a convenient velcro quick tab to easily take them off and on. Okuma Reel Shield Neoprene Reel Covers are made for a perfect fit to most star drag and lever drag reels. Model ARS-BC is made to fit most low-profile baitcasting reels. Please note: The reels shown in the image are for display purposes only a...
$3.45 - $7.15
Okuma Rod Straps
3 Reviews
Okuma Rod Straps are the perfect solution for keeping multi-piece rods together for storage or travel. These rod wraps are constructed with high quality neoprene and feature velcro strips that keep the straps in place. The soft neoprene rubber is easy on rod finishes. Okuma Rod Straps work with small diameter, ultralight rods up to large diameter, surf and trolling rods. Each wrap measures 14 x 1 3/8 inches. Each package contains two wraps. Color is navy blue and features the Okuma logo. Each pa...
Okuma Neoprene Centerpin Reel/Fly Reel Cover
7 Reviews
Okuma Neoprene Centerpin Reel/Fly Reel Covers are an affordable insurance policy for your prized centerpin or fly reel. These covers feature thick neoprene construction with a velcro closure on the top. These covers can be used while the reel is mounted on the rod. The Okuma Neoprene Centerpin Reel/Fly Reel Covers are navy blue in color and feature the Okuma logo on the front. Model ARS10 can be used with 5 wt. to 10 wt. sized fly reels. Model ARS15 can be used with 8 wt. and up sized fly reels ...