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Off Shore Tackle Tattle Flag
Off Shore Tackle Tattle Flag 4 RESULTS
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Tattle Flag Springs
Off Shore Tackle Replacement Tattle Flag Springs are a replacement spring for the OR12TF Tattle Flag (sold separately). This spring is compatible with the Tattle Flag Upgrade Kit, which is compatible with the model OR12 and OR31 planer boards.
Off Shore Tackle Pro Snap Weight Clip (OR16)
9 Reviews
The Off Shore Tackle Pro Snap Weight Clip (model OR16) has an extra heavy spring tension and includes a split ring. To use with snap weights and trolling weights simply position your fishing line behind the pin that protrudes through the center of the pads to hold your snap weight securely on the line. This item is ideal for use with snap weight fishing and super braid lines. The Pro Snap Weight Clip can also be used on the OR12 and OR31 Planers Boards. Comes two clips and split rings per packag...
Off Shore Tackle In-Line Side Planer Board
17 Reviews
Off Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. Ballast keeps planer upright even at ultra-low speeds. Excellent for deep-diving crankbaits and for use with leadcore. The OR-12 has taken all the abuse these hard fishing professionals could dish out and performed with walleye, salmon, steelhead, stripers, muskie and even sailfish and dolphin.
Off Shore Tackle Adjustable Planer Board Rele...
10 Reviews
These adjustable planer board releases are half the size of the standard Off Shore Tackle planer board releases, but retain all the field-proven features with the addition of an adjustable tension spring.
$11.95 - $20.95