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Holiday Blowout at FishUSA
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Northland: Bait & Trolling Rigs(4)
Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rig
The Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rigs are the most lethal "quick-strike" presentation in the country for Perch, Walleye, Pike and Trout. The Baitfish-Image Attractor Blade and razor sharp VMC blood red treble hook present both live and dead baits in the most natural way possible. These rigs work great below a tip-up, rattle reel or float. The Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rigs are constructed with 7" of 15# Bionic Fluorocarbon Leader material. These rigs come one to a package.
Northland Baitfish Float'n Spin
The Northland Baitfish Float'n Spins are designed by anglers on the Professional Walleye Circuit who make their living at fishing. The Float'n Spin attracts and triggers strikes from fish that are suspended off of the bottom. These rigs are tied on 60" of #14 Berkley Trilene XT monofilament with size 4 Matzuo Needle-Point hooks. The Northland Baitfish Float'n Spin features a buoyant cylinder body float that keeps it up off of the bottom and in the strike zone. The buoyant body floats are colored to match the "holographic" Baitfish-Image attractor blades.
Northland Predator Rig
The Northland Predator Rig is a deadly "quick-strike" bait presentation for large toothy predators; such as Northern Pike, muskie and walleye. These rigs are just as deadly whether used below a tip-up or a large float. The Predator Rig is constructed of 45# Surflon nylon coated stainless steel wire and features a "Y-Yoke Harness", designed to present live or dead bait in the most natural way possible.
$5.25 - $5.85
Northland Baitfish Image Willowleaf Blades
Northland Baitfish Image Willowleaf Blades are stamped from solid brass and feature a willowleaf shape, designed to imitate minnows and baitfish. Northland then finishes these blades with a holographic baitfish image for maximum flash and lifelike reflection. These blades are great for matching the common forage in the areas you fish. We offer the Northland Baitfish Image Willowleaf Blades in 8 colors. These blades come 1 per package. All blades are size #4.