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Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material
Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material has incredible strength, flexibility, and elasticity. This leader material is two times more shock resistant than other leading fluorocarbon lines. The natural refractive qualities of this line mean it is virtually invisible under water. Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material surpasses the performance demands of professional anglers. Each Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material spool is 27 yards (25 meters) in length.
$8.45 - $29.95
Storm Original Deep ThunderStick - FishUSA Custom Colors
Storm Original Deep ThunderStick now come in awesome FishUSA Custom Colors! These lures are the same great Storm Thunderstick lures that have been popular with anglers for years. The custom colors were chosen and designed by our own FishUSA Tournament anglers and charter captains. Storm Original Deep ThunderStick Lures are a true classic lure, used by anglers around the world. These baits feature designs from the original ThunderStick molds and are outfitted with premium VMC hooks for sure hold...
Northland Pro Walleye Crawler Harnesses
Northland Pro Walleye Crawler Harnesses are one of the top walleye rigs among anglers. These rigs utilize Deep-Cup #3 Colorado blades for optimum vibration. Walleye Crawler Harnesses have a speed clevis for quick blade changes. They also have an optically brightened UV blade with SuperGlo beads which are good for dark waters. Northland Pro Walleye Crawler Harnesses come with 40 inches of 15 pound Bionic line with two #4 red hooks. Each package contains one rig.
Bay Rat Lures Long Extra Deep
Bay Rat Lures Long Extra Deep Divers are great for targeting all species of gamefish such as walleye, salmon, steelhead, trout, bass and more. Extra Long Deep Divers dive down deep to reach the target zone for those big trophy fish. With a minnow-like appearance and fish-enticing wobbling action, these lures are sure to bring on the strikes. Bay Rat Lures Long Extra Deep Divers have a wide body profile with an attractive minnow wobble action. Bay Rat Lures are designed, molded, and hand painted ...
Bagley Rumble B
Bagley Rumble B lures are designed to catch those big gamefish. With a unique swimming lip, Bagley Rumble B lures move through the water with a rocking motion that creates an incredible fish-enticing action. Bagley Rumble B lures have a low, resonating rattle and come in bright colors for the ultimate in attraction.
Bagley Minnow B
Bagley Minnow B lures are stick baits that are easy to cast and fun for topwater fishing or just sub-surface. Bagley Minnow B baits are built with the unmistakable Bagley action and internal rattle chambers to produce a strong, vibrating, fish-calling sound. Bagley Minnow B lures are extremely versatile and can be fished using a variety of techniques to get the best results.
Berkley Walleye Rigs
Berkley Walleye Rigs come with deep-cut Colorado style blades designed to displace more water. These rigs are made with thin, brightly-colored blades and premium beads that are sure to attract plenty of walleye. Berkley Walleye Rigs are tied with 17 lb. Trilene XT monofilament line and two hooks.
Berkley Flicker Rigs
Berkley Flicker Rigs were designed by Berkley professional anglers to be a top rig for walleye fishing. Berkley Flicker Rigs utilize deep cut blades for greater water dispersion and bright colored, oil slick holographic blades to entice fish. Thinner, lighter, Colorado blades were designed to rotate at slower speeds for increased attraction. Berkley Flicker Rigs are tied with 17 lb. Trilene XT monofilament line and two red hooks that are three inches apart.
Fish Hawk X4D with Bluetooth
The Fish Hawk X4D with Bluetooth uses a pressure sensor to tell you the exact trolling depth, speed, and water temperature of the probe. This Fish Hawk X4D utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to conveniently transmit data to your mobile device via the free Fish hawk Mobile App. No longer do you have to wonder how much cable blowback you are experiencing. The Fish Hawk X4D Trolling System provides invaluable information for any angler interested in fine-tuning their trolling program, revealing...
Berkley PowerBait Twitchtail Minnows
Berkley PowerBait Twitchtail Minnows feature an irresistible tail action that is sure to entice strikes. This tail design is excellent for jigging and dropshot fishing applications. The exclusive PowerBait scent and flavor attract more fish and keep them holding on ensuring you get a solid hookup. Berkley Twitchtail Minnows are all-around great baits for catching gamefish from bass to walleye to trout and more. Twitchtail Minnows are three inches in length.
Berkley Flicker Rig Blades
Berkley Flicker Rig Blades offer bright, holographic blades with 3D eyes to deliver maximum flash in a variety of fishing conditions. These Colorado-style blades are deep cut to provide enhanced water dispersion. Designed be Berkley Pros, Flicker Rig Blades offer the perfect presentation for the avid walleye angler.
Berkley Big Game Braid
Berkley Big Game Braid is made with Dyneema for superior strength and sensitivity. This braided line is excellent to use for a variety of fishing applications, such as for backing, trolling, deep water jigging, or live bait fishing. Berkley Big Game Braid is ultra-sensitive with no stretch allowing you to feel each and every strike for quick, positive hooksets.
$24.95 - $31.95
Northland Pro Walleye Float'n Crawler Harnesses
Northland Pro Walleye Float'n Crawler Harnesses are the complete package for serious walleye anglers. These harnesses were designed by the combined efforts of Jason Mitchell and the Northland Product Development Team. Pro Walleye Float'n Crawler Harnesses have a deep cup, #4 Indiana blade with an eye-catching, UV finish with super glow beads. The blades are attached with the Northland Speed Clevis, which allows for quick blade changes, and a holographic cork float that keeps your bait at the des...
Northland Baitfish Image Colorado Blades
Northland Baitfish Image Colorado Blades have a holographic baitfish on them to give off maximum flash and a lifelike reflection. These blades truly produce the illusion of a live baitfish. Northland Baitfish Image Colorado Blades feature a deep cup which makes them have a slow revolving movement for added flash, sound, and vibration. These blades come three per package.
$2.95 - $3.95
Northland Colorado Blades
Northland Colorado Blades are teardrop-shaped and used to assemble spinner rigs, spinner baits, and blade baits. These blades have a deep cup, which gives them a slow revolving presentation for maximum flash, sound, and vibration.
Northland Sink'n Jigs
Northland Sink'n Jigs feature highly-attractive, brightly-painted colors and premium hooks. These jigs utilize a DuraFinish coating to ensure the colors are long-lasting. A target eye is painted on each jig head to provide additional attraction and increase fish strikes. Sink'n Jigs are built with a specially designed bait collar that securely holds baits like soft plastic minnow, worms, grubs, and live baits in place.