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New Products: Soft Baits(10)
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms are known for catching fish and winning tournaments. As these finesse baits move through the water, the forward-facing ridges along the body create ripples, while the tail waves in a deadly, fish-attracting motion. The thick, durable body and head keep these baits on your hooks without tearing. Flirt Worms are incredibly effective when used for drop shot fishing or with a variety of finesse techniques. These baits are just under five inches in length. Each packag...
Reaction Innovations Pocket Rockets
Reaction Innovations Pocket Rockets utilize a new Titanic Plastic formula for a heavier, more durable bait. These stick baits are designed to get down fast and deep for greater penetration into the weeds and brush. The ridges along the body create fish-attracting ripples and provide the ultimate presentation. Whether Texas-rigging, fishing wacky style, or using other techniques, you'll find Pocket Rockets to be a top bait in bass fishing. Each package contains eight baits.
Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers
Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers are a smaller version of the Sweet Beavers. These baits feature durable, solid bodies that won't tear easily. The ribbed body moves through the water creating motion and ripples that entice fish. The detailed tail and appendages provide attraction, plus the tail can be cut for twice the fish-attracting action. Reaction Innovations Smallie Beavers are deadly for bass, but work great for crappie and panfish, too. Each package contains ten baits.
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Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are designed to attract fish with their flaring tentacle tails. The swimming action of these baits is sure to attract fish to strike. The solid grub body is soft, yet durable, and will not easily tear. Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are excellent for dropshot fishing, as well as a variety of applications. Bass, crappie and other panfish will go crazy over these little baits. Each bait is approximately three inches in length. Each package contains 15 baits.
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika are incredibly effective for bass fishing. The skirted tail is designed with multiple tentacles that attract fish. Ridges along the body create fish-enticing ripples as these baits move through the water. Yamamoto Fat Ika have durable, solid bodies that are great at penetrating deep into areas with brush and weeds. These baits come in a variety of fish-catching colors. Each bait is four inches in length. Each package contains ten baits.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos take two trusty soft baits and combine them to make one irresistible bait. With the worm-like front end, and the side to side tail action, this bait gets the fish to strike. These are swim baits that can be rigged weightlessly because they have and even fall rate, perfect for shallow water. Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos can even be weightlessly texas rigged, for great swimming action in heavy weed cover. These baits are three inches in length and are a great...
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows take the trusty combinations Gary Yamamoto has come up with for bass, and turned them into great lures for panfish.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs are excellent for crappie and other types of panfish. These baits feature a high-action tail that drives crappie crazy. Yamamoto Grubs come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for any water conditions and applications. Each bait is two inches in length. Each package contains 20 baits.
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers
Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers are tough, compact baits that are great for bass fishing. These baits are designed with ribs that produce fish-attracting ripples and motion as they move through the water. The textured beaver tail features ridges, plus the tail can be split into a twin tail for extra action. Sweet Beavers have thick bodies to ensure they won't tear and recessed centerline to offer greater hook penetration. With awesome two- and three-color patterns, Reaction Innovations Sweet ...
Terminator Walking Frogs
Terminator Walking Frogs offer a perfect walking action right out of the package. These lures feature the widest hook gap available, but are still able to go through the heaviest of cover. The super soft body easily compresses for greater hook-ups, while the rear weight allows for longer, more accurate casting. Terminator Walking Frogs are built with lifelike round rubber legs, a heavy-duty, welded line tie, and a premium VMC hook.