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Artificial & Prepared Baits & Attractants
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Siberian Supreme Salmon Eggs
Siberian Supreme Salmon Eggs are processed with Siberian's specialized sugar curing formula and have a soft center that gives off a milking action to draw in mo
Siberian Super UV Salmon Eggs
Siberian UV Super Salmon Eggs are UV enhanced for better visibility under all light and water conditions and are processed with Siberian's specialized sugar cur
Siberian Salmon Eggs
Siberian Salmon Eggs are top quality, medium sized, real salmon eggs that are processed in Siberian's special recipe that attracts trout from great distances an
Magic Products Salmon Bait Eggs
Magic Products Salmon Bait Eggs have the texture and durability to last cast after cast and are enhanced with flavors and scents that salmon and steelhead can't
Magic Products Trout Bait Eggs
Magic Products Trout Bait Eggs are simulated eggs made of biodegradable protein that have the texture, firmness, and durability to last cast after cast. These e
Berkley Powerbait Catfish Dips
Berkley Powerbait Catfish Dips are designed to stick to worms better and stay on longer than other catfish dips. This incredible sticky, and stinky, formula sta
$4.95 - $8.95
Troutbeads Peggz
Troutbeads Peggz are rubber pegs used to hold your bead in place. Peggz are tapered on both ends and made of non-abrasive material. 50 pegs per package.
Troutbeads Blood Dot Eggs
Troutbeads Blood Dot Eggs are excellent for beads for trout, salmon, steelhead, walleye, bass and more. These mottled beads are designed to imitate fish eggs.
Troutbeads Steelhead Selection
he Troutbeads Steelhead Selection includes an assortment of Troutbeads Mottled Beads in the top-selling steelhead colors. Designed to imitate natural eggs.