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Moor Electronics ST-900 Probe
The Moor Electronics ST-900 Probe is a series P06 replacement made for the Sub Troll 900. The paddle wheel design allows for the slightest differences in the speed of the current to be picked up. This probe is made with an O-ring seal which holds out 1500 psi of pressure, preventing any leaking.
Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900
Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900 is a proven design, developed over 20 years, which displays true speed and temperature at the lure. This accurate system allows you to find temperature breaks and maintain a constant speed at your lure, giving you control over the action and triggering more strikes.
Fish Hawk X4D with Bluetooth
The Fish Hawk X4D with Bluetooth uses a pressure sensor to tell you the exact trolling depth, speed, and water temperature of the probe. This Fish Hawk X4D utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to conveniently transmit data to your mobile device via the free Fish hawk Mobile App. No longer do you have to wonder how much cable blowback you are experiencing. The Fish Hawk X4D Trolling System provides invaluable information for any angler interested in fine-tuning their trolling program, revealing...
Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera Accessory Pack
The Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera Accessory Pack is a variety of mounts that will work for the majority of your recording situations. This pack will allow you to attach a Water Wolf camera to boat hulls, railings, glass/windows, tripods, etc.
Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera
1 Review
The WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera is waterproof to 300 feet in depth and will record high resolution (1280 x 720p) color video at 30 frames per second. This little camera will record up to 4 hours on a single charge and fill a 16 gb Micro SD card (not included). This unit will also accept a 2 - 32 gb Micro SD card. To use the WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera, tie it directly within the mainline or leader about 3 feet in front of the lure or bait. Then just turn it on and go fishing. This camera s...
Vexilar FishPhone Camera System
3 Reviews
The Vexilar FishPhone Camera System turns your smart Phone or tablet into a high resolution underwater camera. The FishPhone includes 50 feet of cable, color/black & white camera, 12 volt rechargeable battery, charger, durable carry case, T-Box WiFi transmitter system, and a free neoprene armband to hold smart your phone while fishing or boating. The Vexilar Fish Phone Camera is compatible with iOS 4.3 (iPod and iPad) and Android 2.0.
Fish Hawk TD Digital At-Depth Water Temp Gauge
10 Reviews
Fish Hawk TD Digital At-Depth Water Temp Gauge gives all anglers critical water temp and depth information essential for more consistent catches. Thanks to highly accurate temperature and water pressure sensors, the Fish Hawk TD provides an accurate water temperature profile of the entire water column by showing the water temperature at every 5-feet of depth down to 300-feet. The Fish Hawk TD also reveals the true running depth of copper, leadcore, and dispsey lines.
Fish Hawk X4 Probe
The Fish Hawk X4 Probe is has been radically re-engineered with InvisTroll Technology that provides speed and water temperature at the depth of the downrigger ball. Compatible with X4 LCD systems and backwards compatible with Fish Hawk 840 and 800 systems. Works to depths of at least 200 feet. The Fish Hawk X4 Probe includes downrigger ball Safety Cable.
Fish Hawk X4 Trolling System
Fish Hawk X4 Trolling System is the most advanced downrigger data system ever developed. This complete system includes the X4 Trolling Probe with InvisiTroll Technology, Magnum Digit Display, transducer, power cable, and cannonball safety cable. The Fish Hawk X4 System's proven reliability and wireless technology, make it the number #1 speed and temp system on the market today. This is the system that trollers coast to coast are talking about!
Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator
2 Reviews
Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator allows you to easily and accurately control your trolling speed. This divice operates on a simple, mechanical measurement of speed that accounts for the exact conditions your lure is running in. The Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator measures troll speed accurately to within 1/10 of a knot and is unaffected by wind and waves. The Troll Speed Indicator allows you to maintain the precision control and critical speed needed to consistently catch fish.