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Northland: Hard Baits(3)
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Northland Puppet Minnow Lures
The Northland Puppet Minnow Lures are the most versatile and deadly swimmin' lure ever developed for vertical jigging. These lures work equally well when jigging from a boat and over an ice hole. The versatile TripleThreat tie-eye system allows anglers to easily change the action of the lure by simply retying. The Northland Puppet Minnow Lures are designed with an aerodynamic "air-plane" body that flies in a semi-circle when jigged, pumped or dropped on a free fall. The Northland Puppet Minnow Lures feature life-like Baitfish-Image "match-the-hatch" attractor color patterns.
$4.25 - $4.95
Northland Live Forage Rippin Shad
The Live Forage Rippin Shad is a new series of lipless rattle bait that lures fish like a magnet. Designed with a flat head, the Rippin Shad has a tight wiggling action and features an internally weighted rattle chamber that emits the same sonic vibrations that are emitted by distressed baitfish, luring fish in from a wide radius. The universal design of the Northland Live Forage Rippin Shad makes it equally deadly when fished vertically through the ice, off the side of a boat, casted along shorelines or along shallow flats.
$6.95 - $7.95
Northland Live Forage Baitfish Minnow Trap
The Northland Live Forage Baitfish Minnow Trap is part of Northland's Replica Series of sonic baitfish lures and features HD fish photo image patterns that "match the hatch" and mimic a live minnow. Each Live Forage Baitfish species is hand sculpted and molded from lightweight zinc to provide an erratic, crippled baitfish action when jigged, pumped or cast and retrieved. Deadly for perch, walleye, bass, crappie and trout, these jigs perfectly mimic "young-of-the-year" forage.
$4.45 - $4.95