Winter Sale at FishUSA
Winter Sale at FishUSA
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Mason Downrigger Line Assembly
Mason Downrigger Line Assembly is kink resistant, stainless steel, multistrand wire. This replacement downrigger cable comes pre-rigged with an extra heavy duty
$15.95 - $25.95
Mason Multistrand Stainless Steel Trolling Wire
Mason Multistrand Stainless Steel Trolling Wire is made of 7 strands of kink resisting stainless steel wire which is fray and corrosive resistant! This wire is
$29.95 - $45.95
Mason Crappie Rigs
The Mason Crappie Rigs feature two 2 3/4 inch, free-swinging extension arms to keep hooks clear of leader. Each rig has fluorescent beads, a stainless steel sna
Mason Redicore Trolling Line
Mason Redicore Trolling Line is a line for deep water trolling. This lead core trolling line is easy to use because it is pre-tied and pre-rigged. First on the
$22.95 - $31.95
Mason Pike Tamer Rigs
The Mason Pike Tamer Rig features an adjustable hook spread design. This new pike rig is constructed using 30 lb. test black nylon covered stainless steel wire. The adjustable hook spread design allows you to set the distance between the treble hooks anywhere from 1 1/2" to 11" to perfectly fit the size of the bait being used. Available in three sizes.
Mason Lead Core Deep Water Trolling Line
Mason Lead Core Deep Water Trolling Line features a tough, abrasion resistant braided nylon over a lead core to insure quick sinking. This line has ten differen
$12.95 - $16.95
Mason Braided Tip-Up Line
Mason Braided Tip-Up Line is braided nylon and teflon coated for easy handling. This line is green in color for a low visibility presentation. Mason Braided Tip
$3.95 - $5.45