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Luhr Jensen: Spoons(5)
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Luhr Jensen Needlefish Trolling Spoons
The Luhr Jensen Needlefish Trolling Spoons have an elongated thin blade design and are top performers when it comes to trolling for trout and kokanee.
$3.45 - $3.95
Luhr Jensen Super Duper Lures
Luhr Jensen Super Duper Lures feature an unconventional "U" shaped design that catches water and creates a swimming action game fish find irresistible. Super Duper Spoon lures are equally effective for lake trout, bass, and panfish whether cast or trolled on light line. Luhr Jensen Super Duper Lures are available in a variety of finishes and genuine copper models.
Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons
The Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons, an original design by Tony Accetta, make quick work of predatory species on the shallow flats. The wide design of the body maintains a shallow running depth that is ideal for running over grass. The premium 24 karat gold and chrome platings create lots of fish attracting flash. The Tony's Spoons are a great choice for all predatory game fish species.
$3.25 - $5.95
Luhr Jensen Hus-Lure
The Luhr Jensen Hus-Lure has a narrow profile that allows it to cut through the surface currents of streams and rivers to reach the strike zone where the big fish hold. The smaller compact design is excellent for casting. The unique erratic, wounded baitfish action of the Luhr Jensen Hus-Lure produces strikes even in the toughest of conditions. We carry the Luhr Jensen Hus-Lure in 1/12 oz. and 1/8 oz. sizes.
Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoons
Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoons are used by both shore and boat anglers for salmon, steelhead and other species. The spoon can be cast, trolled or run off a downrigger. These spoons have a swivel with split ring in front and a single treble hook in the rear. Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoons have a heavy duty construction and are corrosion resistant.
$2.95 - $4.95