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Loon Brass Head Soft Weight
The Loon Brass Head Soft Weight is a Tungsten-based sinket alternative to toxic lead based products. With a brass color, it is perfect for making your own bead head nymphs right on-stream. The Loon Brass Head Soft Weight is both biodegradable and reusable.
Loon Deep Soft Weight
The Loon Deep Soft Weight is a charcoal colored, nontoxic, Tungsten-based product. Loon Deep Soft Weights are biodegradable and reusable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to split shot and other lead based weights. The weight and depth are easily adjustable, to make sure that a nymph always finds the bottom.
Loon Shark Tooth Leader Control System
2 Reviews
The Loon Shark Tooth Leader Control System features an ingenious design and helps to keep leader material at bay. The Loon Shark Tooth Leader Control System has a built in cutter, so cutting the perfect length of leader material is quick and easy. Line feeds through a grommet that keeps the tag end under tension and easy to find. When your leader spool runs empty, simply install the Shark Tooth Leader Control System on your new spool. We stock Loon Shark Tooth Leader Control System in two sizes...
Loon Top Ride Powder Floatant
3 Reviews
Loon Top Ride floatant is the leading dry fly floatant. Loon Top Ride is an excellent fly floatant for CDC emergers and dries (don't use paste floatant on CDC), along with all other topwater and emerger flies and is the choice of the FishUSA staff. Anglers have come to know the importance of a powdered dry fly floatant and dessicant to keep their dry flies floating high all day. Used in addition to a paste floatant, it helps remove water and fish slime from flies, ensuring they continue to float...
Loon Aquel Floatant
3 Reviews
Every dry fly angler knows the importance of a good floatant and Loon Aquel Paste Floatant is as good as they get, as it is the official floatant of the World Fly Fishing Championship. This paste floatant is temperature stable from -20 to 120 degrees. It will not get thick in the cold or turn watery thin in intense heat like other popular products. It is similar in texture to very soft butter and squeezes out of the flip-top bottle easily. The FishUSA staff use this product for our dry fly fishi...
Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste
3 Reviews
Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste from Loon Outdoors is the world's only deicer for fishing lines and guides. Apply a thin layer of Stanley's Ice Off Paste to your line and guides for reduced freezing and ice build-up during cold weather outings. Works best down to 20 degrees. Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste is safe for all types of fishing line, including monofilaments and fly lines. Works on fly, spinning, and casting style guides. Loon Stanley's Ice Off Paste is safe for your skin and the environment...