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Lew’s -

Lew’s began with humble roots selling bait and tackle in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Lew Childre, not happy with the quality of the tackle he was selling, began manufacturing his own cane poles. During a business trip to Japan to source cane for his rods he began a friendship with Fuji, the fishing rod component company. Later Lew began developing rods with a space-age material called graphite. His new, Speed Stick rods with Fuji guides and reel seats started the modern era of fishing rods. Soon after, Lew began making reels and manufactured a teardrop shaped casting reel called the Speed Spool that was the stepping stone for current, low profile casting reel design. Today’s Lew’s continues with the same commitment to innovation and design that Lew Childre instilled in his tackle from day one - to build products that are faster, lighter and stronger.