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Ice Fishing: Tools(29)
FishUSA Propane Tank Warmer
The FishUSA Propane Tank Warmer increases the life of the propane in your tank by up to 35%. The FishUSA Propane Tank Warmer keeps your tank warmer longer.
Cold Snap Toothpick Hook Remover
The Cold Snap Toothpick Hook Remover easily removes deeply set hooks with ease. It works on all styles of hooks and jigs without making the paint chip or peel o
Simms Retractor
The Simms Retractor allows you to keep important tools ready for action and close at hand. This injection molded retractor attaches to virtually anything with a
Rapala Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount
The Rapala Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount is a compact lighting system that mounts to your rod handle for a quick and convenient charge of glow baits.
Expedition Free Standing Ice Rod Holder System
The Expedition Free Standing Ice Rod Holder System allows you to adjust it to fit around any diameter ice hole. The Expedition Free Standing Ice Rod Holder System is a universal holder and fits all ice rods, adjusts up to 140 degrees, and is made of fiberglass reinforced ABS.
MonoMaster Waste Line Holder
The MonoMaster Waste Line Holder is a small and lightweight tool that collects all the wasted line that you generate when changing flies or rigs. This small holder could be kept in your pocket, hung from your vest, or just kept in your tackle box. The MonoMaster Waste Line Holder can hold up to an entire season of used fishing line, is easy to clean and reuse, and is environmentally friendly.
Jiffy Blade Sharpener
The Jiffy Blade Sharpener you can sharpen your Jiffy Standard, Ripper or Stealth Blades as well as straight-edge blades.
HT Enterprises Floating Jumbo Minnow Net
The HT Enterprises Floating Jumbo Minnow Net is a heavy duty white mesh net that measures 5" x 6".
HT Enterprises Bucket Buddy Rod Holder
The HT Enterprises Bucket Buddy Rod Holder easily clips onto your bucket to hold your rod combo securely so you can enjoy a hands free ice fishing experience. The rod combo rests in the "V" for a unique balancing system and when the tip goes down, grab your combo and set the hook.
Boomerang Tool Snip Clippers
The Boomerang Tool Snip Clippers are cutting tools like no other. It is compact, lightweight, durable, and features precise, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades that slice through line, even braid, like a hot knife through butter. It delivers a clean smooth cut every time and offers convenience that can't be matched.
$12.95 - $14.95
Clam Single Mountable Rod Holder
Clam Single Mountable Rod Holder provides the ability to either fit on a bucket lip or remove that bucket bracket and hard mount it to the lip of your shelter. This rod holder works great on a bucket, or remove the bucket bracket and affix directly to your shelter base. You can either lock the reel in a center oriented position or flip the holder over to have the reel be able to spin 180 degrees.
Berkley Ice Rod Holder
The Berkley Ice Rod Holder provides stability for your ice rod in the snow. This Berkley Ice rod holder is made of powder-coated steel. The Ice Rod Holder is Berkley model BAIRH.
Northland Clip-On Rod Holder
The Northland Clip-On Rod Holder is designed to clip onto any bucket or pail. This compact rod holder is constructed of tough yet flexible high-impact plastic. The Northland Clip-On Rod Holder is great for use in all temperatures, whether it be on the ice or on the shore.
Northland Team Northland Flipper Dippers
The Team Northland Flipper Dipper features an innovative hinge system that opens when passing through slush and closes when pulled back up to remove slush from
$10.45 - $11.95
Frabill Line Saber Line Cutter
The Frabill Line Saber Line Cutters cut monofilament, fluorocarbon, superbraided and braided tip-up lines with ease. These line cutters feature a white LED light. This light is great for illuminating the cutting area as well as charging glow lures. The single LED light is also very handy when it comes to finding dropped items in the boat or on the ice. The twist on switch mechanism prevents accidental activation, extending the battery life. Replaceable standard lithium coin battery.
Rapala Mini Charge 'n Glow
The Rapala Mini Charge 'n Glow is the ultimate solution for charging small glow-in-the-dark lures. Forever fisherman have been relying on borrowed light sources
Rapala Charge 'n Glow
The Rapala Charge 'n Glow is the ultimate solution for charging glow-in-the-dark lures. There are things in life that you wonder how you got along without t
HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light
The HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light is a 24 LED super bright lighting source. The Puck Light easily attaches with the folding hanger or the handy magnet. The folding hanger allows the light to be hung just about anywhere while the magnet is perfect for sticking the light to your shelters metal frame. The HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light features a large push button on/off switch for easy use even with gloves on.
HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder
The HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder conveniently folds up to stow away in a pail. The Folding Rod Holder holds any ice rod/reel combo sturdily in place. The open top design makes setting the hook a breeze when a fish strikes. The HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder is a great way to securely hold that second rod while jigging with your other rod.
Tag Alder Tackle Dickey Rod Saver
The Tag Alder Tackle Dickey Rod Saver features an ingenious design that will save your ice fishing combo from being dragged down a hole by that unexpected fish. If a fish bites and your not around to grab the rod, the Dickey Rod Saver's spring-loaded leg will pop out into the open position before the ice fishing combo goes down the hole. While open, the rod saver measures approximately 15" across.
Northland Jig Eye-Buster
The Northland Jig Eye-Buster allows you to easily clean out the eye of any jig or jighead. This handy tool features metal construction with a red, rubber-dipped handle for a sure grip. The Northland Jig Eye-Buster measures approximately 2 3/8" long and includes a hole for attaching a lanyard. This tool is a great addition to any tackle box and will save you from the frustration of clearing paint from a jig eye while on the water.
HT Enterprises Polar Gaff
The HT Enterprises Polar Gaff for ice fishing features a single steel hook perfect for landing large fish on the ice. These ice fishing gaffs have comfortable foam grips over a durable plastic handles. The attached lanyard help to keep the gaff were you need it.
HT Enterprises Pail Wire Rod Holder
The HT Enterprises Pail Wire Rod Holder is a uniquely designed rod holder which can be placed on the side of any pail or bucket. This rod holder is great for a second jigging rod and it's easy to remove the rod when a fish strikes. The Pail Wire Rod Holder features heavy steel wire construction and is neon red in color.
HT Enterprises Lock On Ice Rod Stand
The HT Enterprises Lock On Ice Rod Stand fits a wide array of ice fishing rods and is the perfect solution for angling rod tips up above the hole in the ice. These stands have a heavy wire form with a foam rubber notch for rod connection.
Jiffy Chipper-Dipper Ice Skimmers
Jiffy Chipper-Dipper Ice Skimmers are a favorite tool of serious ice fishing enthusiasts. These models are constructed of heavy duty plated steel and have a rugged "dipper" strainer to clear ice chips and skim ice. Available in three models. The 5" (3570) model features large drain holes and a black non-stick powder coat finish.
$6.95 - $15.95
HT Enterprises Chip N' Dip Skimmer
HT's Chip N' Dip Skimmer features a heavy duty 23" metal handle with a handy ruler stamped into it. The long lasting riveted construction and durable metal 6" cup make it perfect for fishing in cold weather. The heavy duty welded chipper is ideal for opening old holes or removing skim ice.
HT Enterprises Lazer Light
The HT Enterprises Nordic Lazer Light is great for re-charging glow lures and rod tips! Its super high beam blue laser light is great for charging all glow objects at night. The Nordic Lazer Light has a simple push button for easy use and a clip to attach to a coat zipper for easy accessibility. These lights use a standard Alkaline AG3 round watch battery, which is included with the lazer light.
HT Enterprises Wire Rod Holder
HT Enterprises now offers a method for holding that second rod securely, yet the rod is still easily accessible when a fish strikes.
Lindy Tazer
The Lindy Tazer is an easy-to-use, compact, high-intensity light you can put on your key chain or clip to your belt. The Taser's bright beam energizes Lindy glow jigs or any glow jig. Modify spoons or lures with glow-in-the-dark tape for use in dingy water, at night or when fish want something "extra".