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Ice Fishing: Lures & Bait(160)
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Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers
Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers are equipped with external weights which maximizes their swimming action, durability, and tracking accuracy right out of the
Sebile Action First Vibe Machine
Sebile Action First Vibe Machines are less aggressive and silent lipless baits that are ideal for shallow water fishing. They have a light, external weight whic
Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Raps
The Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Raps have a lipless, deep belly profile that is made to dive and rip through the water. These lures have flat skinny sides which
Deadly Dick Long Casting/Jigging Lures
Deadly Dick Standard Casting Lures
$3.95 - $5.45
Expedition Alien Grub Jig
The Expedition Alien Grub Jig has an aggressive darting action when fished and is designed to lure in aggressive fish. The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is painted with a Power Glow paint that will glow for 2 hours and illuminate for up to 5 hours with just 15 minutes of LED or sunlight.
Dynamic HD Ice Lures
Expedition Plow Grub Jig
The Expedition Plow Grub Jig is a tungsten jig that drops fast into the water to reach the fish more quickly. This jig features an ultra sharp premium hook, small size to weight ratio, and reads well on depth finders. The Expedition Plow Grub Jig is safe for the environment and since tungsten is heavier than lead, it punches through slush and weeds with ease.
ACME Phoebe Lures
The ACME Phoebe Lures are a versatile casting lure/spoon suitable for a wide variety of species. The unique curvature of the Phoebe produces a spinning/wobbling action that drives fish crazy. The profile of this lure paired with the stamped scale pattern and fins creates a 3-d illusion that looks like a plump full bodied baitfish.
$2.55 - $3.75
Lindy 360 Ice Jigs
The Lindy 360 Ice Jig utilizes a revolutionary concept to create a rotating jig. The 360 Ice Jig features a "body" that rotates on an internal axle, creating a jig that produces more movement, flash, vibration, and water displacement than any other jig out there today. These factors are often critical to producing strikes. The jig body taps against the axle and the bead to produce and noise and vibration calling curious fish in from a distance.
$4.25 - $4.55
Custom Jigs & Spins Slender Spoons
Custom Jigs & Spins Slender Spoons are a bent ultralight spoon that offers incredible action and flashy attraction. Each of the Slender Spoons are individually blister packed and comes complete with its own 1 or size 2 snap. These versatile spoons can be fished on the open water or used for ice fishing.
$2.55 - $3.15
Northland Impulse Perch Eye
The Northland Impulse Perch Eye is designed to lifelike specifications with extra soft tissue sclera to hook your lure into while the secret to fish catching effectiveness lies within the highly reflective Attractor Pupil and Super Charge Impulse Instinctual Attractant.
Northland UV Buck-Shot Spoons
The Northland UV Buckshot Spoon incorporates a highly visible, UV enhanced, optical brightened finish with the ticking, thumping and clicking Buck Shot rattle to lure fish in from a wide radius.
Northland Banana Bug Jig
The Northland Banana Bug Jig is molded from heavy weight tungsten to provide a compact profule and ultra fast drop to plummet into deep water through brush and slush holes. The unique shape mimics a feeding minnow fry when it's pounded on the bottom.
Custom Jigs & Spins Pro Series Slender Spoons
Custom Jigs & Spins Pro Series Slender Spoons offer all the great features that the original Slender Spoons had to offer but for the first time they now come with new painted patterns. They are a bent ultralight spoon that offers incredible action and flashy attraction with an erratic, slow flutter on the fall action. These versatile spoons can be fished on the open water or used for ice fishing.
$4.95 - $5.45
Hali Tapla Ice Jigs
The Hali Tapla Ice Jigs are great for perch, trout and panfish. The Hali Tapla Ice Jigs great for ice fishing, or ultra-light vertical jigging year round. The Hali Tapla Ice Jigs hang at the optimal angle to ensure a proper hook-set when bit. These jigs feature bright/flashy colored heads with painted eyes.
Hali Duo Lock Chains
The Hali Duo Lock Chains fit the Hali "Sukkula" Jigs. These chains are popular for ice fishing and can be used to customize other jigs and spoons. Hali Duo Lock Chains are available in 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm sizes and feature snap connections on both ends. These Duo Lock Chains come in packs of 2.
$2.75 - $2.95
Clam Spiiki Plastic
The Clam Spiiki Plastic is totally customizable. It can be used horizontally or curled onto a hook, trimmed and used as a whip tail, pounded on the bottom or float it upwards making it swim. The Clam Spiiki Plastic is hand poured and infused with worm particles and fish proteins in an anise-based formula. They are soft and resilient to the touch and made in the USA.
Clam Draggi Plastic
The Clam Draggi Plastic has two wings and a tail that resembles a dragons. It is a flutter and swim bait that flaps its wings as it swims downwards attracting the fish. The Clam Draggi Plastic is hand poured and infused with worm particles and fish proteins in an anise-based formula. It is soft and resilient to the touch and made in the USA.
Clam Speed Spoon
The Clam Speed Spoon has a body that resembles a minnow and a dropper chain that gets the fish on. It is ideal for heavily pressured fish and has a custom firetiger bar pattern.
Clam Psycho Shad
The Clam Psycho Shad has a natural swimming motion as it sinks into the water. It has a natural back and forth motion as it is brought up and then let back down with the slack. The Clam Psycho Shad has a natural mini baitfish profile and has assorted size hooks attacked.
Clam Epoxy Drop Jig
The Clam Epoxy Drop Jig was built on a drop jig like body with a nose platform added to hold a gem to add an alluring light reflection. The entire jig is coated with an incredibly bright and durable epoxy paint.
$3.95 - $4.15
Clam Half Ant Drop Jig
The Clam Half Ant Drop Jig has the bottom half made of tungsten and the top half secures a gem that reflects light to every angle. It is a slow dropping jig that hugs the strike zone with subtle movements.
$3.55 - $3.75
Clam Duck Bill Drop Jig
The Clam Duck Bill Drop Jig has an arching shape with the eyelet set back so the heavy and prominent bill protrudes out where it can catch water and produce a forward thrust when pumped.
$3.25 - $3.55
Clam Drop Jig
The Clam Drop Jig is the centerpiece of Clam's tungsten series. Some tiny, some big enough to bulk up with multiple maggots, waxies or buggy plastics. Take on anything, crappies, bull bluegill, jumbo perch, even bass, walleyes, and pike.
$2.75 - $4.05
Clam Bomb Spoon
The Clam Bomb Spoon has a natural bug pattern with a dark back and a light belly and has a custom fire tiger bar pattern. It has a epoxy adorned treble hook that shimmies and attracts the fish to it.
Clam Blade Jig
The Clam Blade Jig has the same body as the blade spoon molded onto a fixed single hook. This Jig is used to catch crappie, perch, walleye, and sauger.
Clam Blade Spoon
The Clam Blade Spoon has a knife like profile that cuts through the water to reach great depths. A super sharp Mustad Ultra Point treble hook ensures a quality hook-up. The bright glow in the dark finishes on the Clam Blade spoon is sure to get the attention of the fish.
Clam Ant Drop Jig
The Clam Ant Drop Jig has 3 insect suggesting segments that combine to form a head-heavy jig. This jig generally hangs at a 45 degree angle and has a 60 degree hook eye. The Clam Ant Drop Jig almost never spins as it is lowered into the water due to the segmented body.
$2.95 - $3.25
Northland Bro's Mud Bug Jigs
Northland Bro's Mud Bug Jigs are molded with an upturned 60° Mustad Ultra-Point fine wire hook, and designed with a heavy "fat-head" bug body to imitate insect larvae that hatches out of the mud bottoms.
Sebile Vibrato
The Sebile Vibrato makes power jigging easy and effortless thanks to the unique approach of making the bait flutter in the fall and vibrate on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish. It is perfectly centered which gives you great control and action and gives it a slow flutter rate on the fall so it creates a lot of flash and disturbance.
$9.35 - $10.25
VMC Tumbler Spoon
The VMC Tumbler Spoon has a bend that offers a slow tumbling action and a small metallic attractor blade that adds additional flash and sound for those picky eaters. It also has a holographic eye, UV finishes, and a holographic Ultra Glow that lasts up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.
$3.55 - $3.65
VMC Rattle Spoon
The VMC Rattle Spoon has a chamber made of brass and multiple beads that gives it an advantage over other rattling spoons on the market. It has a shorter chamber that allows the angler to make sound with minimal jigging while still maintaining action to the lure. The VMC Rattle Spoon has a holographic eye and Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes without needing recharged.
$4.25 - $4.95
VMC Minnow Jig
The VMC Minnow Jig has a feather tail that is fused with flash fibers to enhance the life-like minnow motion and can be presented by suspending it in the water or pounding it on the bottom. It has holographic eyes, live baitfish patterns and the VMC Ultra Glow colors will last up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.
VMC Larvae Jig
The VMC Larvae Jig is a jig head pre-rigged with the Trigger X Larvae soft bait. The larvae material attracts the fish and gives off the maximum taste and texture to ensure once a fish bites, it doesn't let go.
VMC Flash Champ Spoon
The VMC Flash Champ Spoon offers both brawn and beauty. It is constructed of heavy-duty brass so it can withstand many hits from panfish or larger game fish. It also has beveled edges and a tapered tail to give off an enticing fluttering action, holographic eyes, and the all new Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes.
$3.95 - $4.95
Trigger X Wax Tail
The Trigger X Wax Tail gives great action from the slightest movement of the rod tip. It has life-like texture and can even be used as a waxworm by just pinching the tail off. The Trigger X Wax Tails come 15 per pack for the 1", and 12 per pack for the 1 1/2".
Trigger X Spike Worm
The Trigger X Spike Worm has a worm like body and a long tapered tail. These worms can be rigged in multiple different positions which enables it to be twitched, fluttered, or flapped to attract the fish.
Trigger X Minnow
The Trigger X Minnow has life-like miniature fry features and offers the ability to fish minnows without the fish bucket. The minnows have a long slender tapered design and a unique webbed tail that offers superb action with the slightest of motion from the angler. The Trigger X Minnows offer an array of solid or top-to-bottom dual colors, and the enhanced ultra glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes, giving the angler every advantage to put more fish in the boat or on the ice.
Trigger X Larvae
The Trigger X Larvae have the same size and texture of the real thing. These larvae can be used one at a time to offer a snack to the fish or can be rigged in multiples to offer a full meal. The Trigger X Larvae come 25 per pack in the 1/4" size and 20 per pack in the 1/2" size.