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Ice Fishing Tackle at FishUSA.com
Marcum Pancam Camera System
The Marcum PanCam Camera System allows you to take complete control of your underwater camera from up to 300 feet away with your smart phone or tablet. You will
Rapala Ice Safety Picks
Rapala Ice Safety Picks are for self rescue in the event of an ice break through. These spikes are made of hardened steel and contoured finger grip handles to g
StrikeMaster Bait Bucket
The StrikeMaster Bait Bucket is the perfect solution for carrying and storing bait. It has a rubber gasket that make it air tight and waterproof. This gasket is
StrikeMaster Electric Ice Drill Adapter
The StrikeMaster Electric Ice Drill Adapter connects any 4" - 8" Strikemaster Mora and Lazer hand augers with an electric hand drill. It is one solid piece and
Marcum Showdown Troller 2.0 Combo
The Marcum Showdown Troller 2.0 Combo is the easiest and most portable way to locate fish and map the structure under the ice. Quickly troll from hole to hole t
VMC Flap Tail Jigs
VMC Flap Tail Jigs are pre-rigged with a Trigger X Flap Tail grub. Flap Tail Jigs are constructed with a wider Power Gap hook to increase hook rates.
VMC Nymph Jigs
VMC Nymph Jigs are pre-rigged with a Trigger X Nymph soft bait designed to imitate small insects. These jigs utilize VMC's exclusive Power Gap hook.
VMC Waxy Jigs
VMC Waxy Jigs are designed to imitate the natural small insects that fish prey on. VMC Waxy Jig feature brightly painted colors and a ridge-style body.
VMC Tungsten Tubby Jigs
VMC Tungsten Tubby Jigs are super-fast dropping jigs constructed of heavy duty tungsten which offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size head.
$3.75 - $4.15
Rapala Titanium Spring Bobbers
Rapala Titanium Spring Bobbers will not kink or break and add unmatched sensitivity to ice rods. Their tension is adjustable and they have a hi-vis indicator be
Rapala Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount
The Rapala Charge 'N Glow Rod Mount is a compact lighting system that mounts to your rod handle for a quick and convenient charge of glow baits.
Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop
The Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop was designed with a large scoop to remove a maximum amount of slush and extends from 15" to 34" to eliminate having to bend ov
PK Lures Flutterfish Spoons
PK Lures Flutterfish Spoons offer a unique fluttering action designed to imitate an injured or dying baitfish. PK Flutterfish are perfect for jigging, casting,
$3.75 - $4.95
PK Lures Predator Spoons
PK Lures Predator Spoons features an innovative spoon and blade combination to attract perch, bluegill, crappie, trout, and many other fish. PK Predator Spoons
PK Lures PK Spoons
PK Lures PK Spoons are uniquely weighted to offer ultimate action and vibration. PK Spoons have high quality finishes and large, glowing eyes.
$3.45 - $4.75
Berkley Bucket Rod Holder
The Berkley Bucket Rod Holder will hold your rod in the upright position for transporting it to your fishing spot and at an angle for a resting fishing position
Simms G4 Gloves
The Simms G4 Gloves are the next best thing for keeping your hands warm besides warming them by the fire. These gloves are layer constructed, with Gore-Tex Xtra
Marcum PanCam Panner System
The Marcum PanCam Panner System is much more than just a way to view what your underwater camera is seeing. This system allows you to control your camera from u
Marcum LX-I Replacement Battery
The Marcum LX-I Replacement Battery is for use with all lxi hand-held digital sonar and other 6V battery powered electronics.
Marcum Transducer Support Arm
The Marcum Transducer Support Arm is a replacement transducer arm that is compatible with Marcum LX, VX, and RT series systems.
Strikemater Chipper Magnum Gas Powered Ice Augers
The Strikemater Chipper Magnum Gas Powered Ice Augers combine American made transmissions, German engineering, and Swedish blades to give you the power and dura
$419.95 - $439.95
Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers
Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers are equipped with external weights which maximizes their swimming action, durability, and tracking accuracy right out of the
Sebile Action First Vibe Machine
Sebile Action First Vibe Machines are less aggressive and silent lipless baits that are ideal for shallow water fishing. They have a light, external weight whic
Simms Windstopper Guide Beanies
Simms Windstopper Guide Beanies have a 300 gram polyester fleece shell with a Windstopper liner that is sure to keep the wind out and the warmth in. These beani
Simms Windstopper Flap Caps - Old Style
The Simms Windstopper Flap Cap features Windstopper brushed lining for full windproof protection and a 100% acrylic knit exterior for durability. The ear flap d
Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant
Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant is a excellent lubricant for fishing line, reels, rods, baits, and other fishing and boating gear. Blakemore Real Magic Lubricant
Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Raps
The Rapala Ultra Light Rippin' Raps have a lipless, deep belly profile that is made to dive and rip through the water. These lures have flat skinny sides which
FishEng Jig & Leader Boards
FishEng Jig & Leader Boards offers anglers a secure way to store and organize hooks, leaders, jigs, trolling rigs, trolling flies, lures and much more. USA made
$4.95 - $7.75
FishUSA.com Flag
The FishUSA.com Ice Shelter Flag will be the perfect addition to your ice shanty in the winter or your boat for the rest of the seasons. This flag is made of 100% woven polyester so it will stand up
Deadly Dick Long Casting/Jigging Lures
Deadly Dick Standard Casting Lures
$3.95 - $5.45
Frabill Demo Reels and Combos
$30.95 - $32.95
Frogg Toggs Boot and Wader Hanger
Expedition Alien Grub Jig
The Expedition Alien Grub Jig has an aggressive darting action when fished and is designed to lure in aggressive fish. The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is painted with a Power Glow paint that will glow for 2 hours and illuminate for up to 5 hours with just 15 minutes of LED or sunlight.
Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos
The Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos eliminates line twisting and over-spooling with its over-sized reel and 12.5 inch retrieval per revolution. The Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos are lightweight, 28 inches in length, and are good to use for all species of fish.
Expedition Ultra Feel Ice Combos
The Expedition Ultra Feel Ice Combos have the most sensitive ice fishing concept ever developed. The rod handle usually kills the sensitivity because the blank is padded inside cork or foam, but the Expedition Ultra Feel Ice Combos allow you to touch the actual floating blank inside the handle.
Expedition Pencil Grip Ice Combos
The Expedition Pencil Grip Combos feature a revolutionary design in rod handle comfort and some of the best rod actions anywhere. These combos have custom ground fast tapers, Dyna flow guides, and an extra long stem to provide room to use while wearing gloves.
Dynamic HD Ice Lures
13 Fishing Whisper Ice Spinning Combos
Cortland Braided Ice Line
The Cortland Braided Ice Line is a tightly woven line that is designed to resist kinking in cold temperatures and then treated with a water repellent finish to resist freezing. The Cortland Braided Ice Line comes in a 50 yard spool and is black in color.