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Ice Fishing Shelters
Ice Fishing Shelters(6)
Clam Lucky Light
The Clam Lucky Light is a LED hole light that rests at the top of the hole to illuminate your bobber. The "arms" are spring loaded so as to ensure a secure fit in the hole. The LED lights attract bait fish in turn attracting game fish. It utilizes three AA batteries (not included) and has a remote power adapter plug.
Eskimo Window Kit
The Eskimo Window Kit is Eskimo part number KITISW101. Each package contains four 8 in. x 12 in. windows.
HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light
The HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light is a 24 LED super bright lighting source. The Polar Puck Light easily attaches with the folding hanger or the handy magnet. The folding hanger allows the light to be hung just about anywhere while the magnet is perfect for sticking the light to your shelters metal frame. The HT Enterprises Polar Puck Light features a large push button on/off switch for easy use even with gloves on.
Frabill Shelter Lights
The Frabill Shelter Lights provide lots of fully directional light in an impact resistant housing. These lights are intelligently designed with a beveled back for a snug fit to the shelters frame, eliminating the need to remove them when putting up or taking down the shelter. Both lights have adjustable velcro straps for attaching them to any type of shelter frame.
$13.95 - $28.95
Frabill Shelter Hanger
Frabill Shelter Hangers have heavy duty velcro straps that easily attach the sturdy chrome hook to any pole system. There are no sharp edges on the hangers, so it is not necessary to remove them before disassembling the shelter. Each package contains two Shelter Hangers.
Frabill Shelter Anchor Kit
The Frabill Shelter Anchor Kit secures any portable ice shelter to the ice. The anchor kit holds your shelter firmly in place, keeping it from tipping over or blowing away in windy conditions. Each package contains two ice anchors, two anchor straps with carabineer, and two anchor straps for attaching carabineers to ice anchors.