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Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs
Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs allow you to use your imagination, and markers, to create the perfect colored frog legs for fly tying. These frog legs are made from laser cut suede and are very durable. Use them with foam, deer hair, or try attaching them to the back of your favorite bass lure body or jig. The possibilities are limitless. Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs are made in the U.S.A.
Hareline UV Polar Chenille
The Hareline UV Polar Chenille is unique and has an attractive hue with long translucent fibers that makes it irresistible for all freshwater and saltwater applications. The fibers measure approximately one inch long. The Hareline UV Polar Chenille is great for tying baitfish patterns, wooly buggers, or as hackle.
Hareline Rabbit Flesh Strips
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Hareline Rabbit Flesh Strips provide hot colors for flesh flies to mimic the look of decaying salmon flesh. Two Tone Rabbit Flesh Strips are great for freshwater and saltwater patterns. We stock the Hareline Rabbit Flesh Strips in 1/8" wide size. There are four strips per package, approximately four feet total. We carry Hareline Rabbit Flesh Strips in several Two-Tone colors.
Hareline Egg Veil
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Hareline Egg Veil is a super-soft, milky white colored synthetic fabric that is perfect for applying to egg patterns. Use a very small amount of Hareline Egg Veil to spread and fold around the thread before winding to mimic the natural translucency and appearance of a milking egg. Hareline Egg Veil also works great for parachute posts on small dry flies, spinner wings and midge pupae fly patterns.
Hareline Dubbin 12 Compartment Dubbing Box
The Hareline Dubbin 12 Compartment Dubbing Box is a great way to keep fly tying dubbing neat and organized. This box features 12 compartments with pre-drilled holes on the bottom that allow dubbing to be teased out in small, usable portions. This box is opaque so dubbing colors can easily be seen. The Hareline Dubbin 12 Compartment Dubbing Box measures 6"x3"x1" overall.