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Gary Yamamoto -

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, designed by bass fishing legend Gary Yamamoto, are some of the finest soft baits available today. Gary’s baits feature perfected shapes, colors and actions coupled with a soft plastic formula that has yet to be duplicated. With nearly three decades of design, development and refinement bass simply cannot resist Yamamoto baits.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are designed to attract fish with their flaring tentacle tails. The swimming action of these baits is sure to attract fish to strike. The solid grub body is soft, yet durable, and will not easily tear. Yamamoto Crappie Tiny Ika are excellent for dropshot fishing, as well as a variety of applications. Bass, crappie and other panfish will go crazy over these little baits. Each bait is approximately three inches in length. Each package contains 15 baits.
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika
Gary Yamamoto Fat Ika are incredibly effective for bass fishing. The skirted tail is designed with multiple tentacles that attract fish. Ridges along the body create fish-enticing ripples as these baits move through the water. Yamamoto Fat Ika have durable, solid bodies that are great at penetrating deep into areas with brush and weeds. These baits come in a variety of fish-catching colors. Each bait is four inches in length. Each package contains ten baits.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos take two trusty soft baits and combine them to make one irresistible bait. With the worm-like front end, and the side to side tail action, this bait gets the fish to strike. These are swim baits that can be rigged weightlessly because they have and even fall rate, perfect for shallow water. Gary Yamamoto Crappie Swim Senkos can even be weightlessly texas rigged, for great swimming action in heavy weed cover. These baits are three inches in length and are a great...
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Yamaminnows take the trusty combinations Gary Yamamoto has come up with for bass, and turned them into great lures for panfish.
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs
Gary Yamamoto Crappie Grubs are excellent for crappie and other types of panfish. These baits feature a high-action tail that drives crappie crazy. Yamamoto Grubs come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for any water conditions and applications. Each bait is two inches in length. Each package contains 20 baits.
Gary Yamamoto Kreature
The Yamamoto Kreature can be cast weightless for a very slow descent or just raise your rod tip and buzz it back across the surface. Its performance when Texas rigged for flipping or Carolina rigged for that bottom hugging fish is outstanding. 4" long and slightly heavier than a 5" Senko. They come 10 to a package. They are the Yamamoto "5" series of bait. We stock this bait in six standard colors.
Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms
Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms are some of the most productive bass lures in the world. Bass can hardly resist the Senko's unique horizontal fall when fished weightless or wacky style. Not only do Senko Worms have incredible fish catching action, but these baits cast like a bullet and get into the strike zone quickly. Each package contains 10 baits. Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms are made in the U.S.A.
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