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G. Loomis Salmon & Steelhead Rods
G. Loomis Salmon & Steelhead Rods7 RESULTS
G. Loomis Classic BC Salmon & Steelhead Rods
The G. Loomis Classic BC Salmon & Steelhead Rods are designed for the use of single action mooching style reels. These rods feature reverse handles with long fore grips and short rear grips for increased leverage. When you're heading to British Columbia or Alaska, where you'll be trolling, mooching or drifting a float in the pursuit of salmon and steelhead, these rods are a good choice for a travel companion.
$285.00 - $320.00
G. Loomis Centerpin Float Rods
7 Reviews
With demand exploding for premium, high performance Centerpin rods, G. Loomis has produced a new series of rods that will cover all your float needs, from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. The G. Loomis Centerpin Float Rods have very light yet strong tips that say goodbye to "tip sag." While other manufacturers have to add more material to create long rods like these, resulting in heavy sagging tips, we chose to use our proprietary GLX graphite.
$560.00 - $645.00
G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods
1 Review
G. Loomis designed these rods to pull salmon and steelhead plugs like the infamous Hot Shot (hence the name), and that's still their #1 use. But you'll see anglers casting them for silvers, trolling them for big Kings or drifting bait with them for steelhead. The rods have light to medium tips and magnum-power butt sections, which make them excellent casting tools and even better fish-fighting tools.
$265.00 - $285.00
G. Loomis Back Bounce Casting Rods
G. Loomis Backbounce Casting Rods are heavy-duty with a stiff tip for those times when the fish are smack dab in the heaviest current and you need a lot of lead. These rods give you the power necessary to lift the weight off the bottom and still have sufficient power to set the hook with authority. Backbouncing is a special technique used primarily by Northwest steelhead and salmon anglers. To fish a pool or run, heavy lead is used to put your bait right on the bottom and, with the help of the c...
$235.00 - $260.00
G. Loomis Salmon Rods
2 Reviews
The G. Loomis Salmon Series Rods are powerful, light, sensitive, and best of all, each one has an action specifically tailored for a technique that puts the chromers in the boat. Trolling, backbouncing, spinners, plugging, hovering, or bank fishing - whatever your favorite technique, Loomis has a Salmon rod for you. Gone are the days of lugging around one big rod and making it work for all your salmon fishing needs. You can measure the difference in pleasure on the water and number of fish in th...
$280.00 - $325.00
G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Casting Rods
2 Reviews
G. Loomis offers some of the finest steelhead casting rods available today. Available in the GL2, GL3 and IMX series, these are rods you can fish the rest of your life. We stock the most popular of these rods in a variety of lengths and power ratings to meet the variety of salmon and steelhead cast-fishing situations.
$245.00 - $400.00
G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Spinning Rods
5 Reviews
G. Loomis offers some of the finest salmon spinning rods available today. Available in the GL2, GL3, IMX and GLX series, these are rods you can fish the rest of your life. All these rods have a beautiful finish, premium cork handles and a hook keeper. All have premium Fuji reel seats except the GL3 Model STR1141S, which has a premium Loomis seat with a metal down-locking ring and cork seat cushion.
$240.00 - $455.00