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G. Loomis Fly Rods
G. Loomis Fly Rods14 RESULTS
G. Loomis Pro4X Fly Rods
G. Loomis Pro4X Fly Rods were developed using NRX blank technology to create a series of fly rods that are perfect for "new-to-the-sport" and intermediate flyfishers. Pro4X Fly Rods feature green blanks with custom black aluminum uplocking reel seats. Light weight rods feature delicate half wells cork grips while heavier weight rods feature full wells cork grips with composite cork fighting butts. All rods are 4-piece for easy travel.
$345.00 - $375.00
G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods
The G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods series was originally designed as 3-piece rods, but has been redesigned in 4-piece for improved transportability. G. Loomis also renamed the Stinger GLX. The rod actions remain fast and powerful to help casters create narrow, aerodynamic loops using the underhand dominated casting stroke. Their fast tapers allow you to make overhead casts as long as there is sufficient room for a back cast like on a gravel bar, generating incredible line speeds.
$870.00 - $995.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Switch GLX (Fly) Rods
If you'd like the flexibility of making a traditional single hand casts, roll casts or a full-on spey casts, the RoaringRiver Switch GLX Rods from G. Loomis are the rods your looking for. At 11' these rods are more than just traditional single hand rods giving you the ability to throw long casts with one or two hands. From a nice light 5-weight to a 8-weight, you'll be able to cover almost all water from your favorite trout streams to large steelhead drifts.
$760.00 - $780.00
G. Loomis Whispercreek GLX Fly Rods
Hands and knees approaches, gin clear pools, and trout with severe aversions to sloppy casts, that's where the WhisperCreek series earns it stripes. Based upon the original StreamDance GLX Presentation series fly rods, we've tweaked the design and changed the color to clearly distinguish these smooth casting "presentation" action rods from our other series.
$625.00 - $670.00
G. Loomis Max GLX Fly Rods
The Max GLX are the result of the need for ultimate speed and control under the most demanding casting and fishing conditions. Ideally suited to casters that demand fast cycle time, these rods have the extra-stiff action and fast taper needed to push streamers to pockets while drifting the river in a raft or drift boat. Also excellent for long line nymphing with split shot and indicator, or to make a tight cast into a stiff wind. When you want to take control no matter the conditions the Max GLX...
$670.00 - $680.00
G. Loomis Cross Current Beach Fly Rods
At 11' 3", the Cross Current Beach Fly Rods are very light in hand, have the guts to punch a cast into the wind and spray, and put a hurt on some serious fish. To cast a fly far, it takes a combination of high line speed and a heavy weight line. Not so easy hour after hour with a single hand rod. Enter the short two hand fly rod. Combining the leverage and power of two hands casting makes overhead casting heavy lines easier and less tiring.
$575.00 - $580.00
G. Loomis NativeRun GLX Fly and Spey Rods
1 Review
It's the preparation, the pursuit, the prize. Whether you're throwing skating dries on the North Umpqua in August, fighting a coastal headwind on the Smith, or attempting to reach down deep in the swift winter current of the Bogachiel, NativeRun steelhead and salmon fly rods cast the cast, drift the drift, and fight the fights as no other rods before.
$695.00 - $725.00
G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods
The G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods are outstanding fly fishing tools. You might call them "power tools" for the flats. G. Loomis uses "fiber blend technology" to combine the benefits of strength and stiffness of different materials to build a powerful rod for anglers at any level. These sticks are every bit as smooth, powerful and efficient as any fly rod on the market. Blending different materials allows G. Loomis to take advantage of the unique properties of each without overbuilding the bla...
$490.00 - $690.00
G. Loomis Cross Current PRO-1 Fly Rods
If you fish the flats, you're going to want at least one of the Cross Current PRO-1 Fly Rods. For someone who never needs, or for that matter wants, to take the rods apart, these will be a revelation. As you would expect, these rods have an extremely smooth and powerful casting stroke. They also feature the, superlight, nickle-titanium RECOIL stripper and snake guide system. These guides are extremely tough and resilient, providing a noticeable reduction in weight.
$450.00 - $505.00
G. Loomis Cross Current GLX Fly Rods
1 Review
The Cross Current GLX Fly Rod series is the best series of saltwater fly rods on the market. These rods feature an elegantly designed reel seat that is as distinctive and unique as the fishery and anglers themselves. They also feature the nickle-titanium RECOIL stripper and snake guide system. These guides provide a noticeable reduction in weight. With the ergonomic grip and the exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel reel seat, these rods are extremely tough but a delight to the eyes as well.
$670.00 - $780.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series Two...
1 Review
The G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series features Loomis's proprietary GLX graphite along with the finest rod components available today. With nickel titanium recoil guides by REC these cast as slick as they look. Exquisitely crafted Portuguese cork handles with a special composite cork end-cap and fore-grip are fitted to our exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel real seat, each with an ivory style insert engraved with a fly graphic.
$835.00 - $935.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Greased Line Two-Hande...
The RoaringRiver Greased Line GLX Series of two-hand rods offer the ultimate combination of power and grace in a rod and provide you perfect swing speed and fly control. For spey casts from 50 to 150' the RoaringRiver Greased Line GLX two-hand rod series will truly allow you to fish the water "Fine and Far off."
$885.00 - $1,020.00
G. Loomis Streamdance GLX Series Fly Rods
4 Reviews
The Streamdance GLX features the finest rod components available today... luxurious cork, direct from Portugal, GLX graphite, in high performance, 3 and 4-piece rod blanks (depending on rod length). In addition, G. Loomis added a new reel seat, with an exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel and a distinctively beautiful "California Buckeye Burl" insert. And with RECOIL guides made by REC from a special nickel titanium alloy, Streamdance GLX fly rods are not only beautiful to look at, but a deli...
$640.00 - $690.00
G. Loomis Classic GLX Fly Rods
1 Review
Spend an entire day generating tight, ultra high-speed loops with virtually zero fatigue. Encounter first The G. Loomis Classic GLX Series Fly Rods feature ultra-high modulus, fast action GLX blanks with a moderate stiffness, and a progressive power taper.
$595.00 - $615.00