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Centerpin & Float Rods
Reel Seat
G. Loomis: Centerpin & Float Rods3 RESULTS
G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods
1 Review
The G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods are very light, long and responsive. These rods are longer than ever before and are better balanced than the previous IMX models. Instead of a fixed position reel seat, this rod comes with sliding rings so you can position the reel wherever you want it. The G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods offer maximum line and lure control and the length helps to keep your line clear of the water for a drag free drift that allows more coverage of the water. This...
G. Loomis Centerpin Float Rods
7 Reviews
With demand exploding for premium, high performance Centerpin rods, G. Loomis has produced a new series of rods that will cover all your float needs, from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. The G. Loomis Centerpin Float Rods have very light yet strong tips that say goodbye to "tip sag." While other manufacturers have to add more material to create long rods like these, resulting in heavy sagging tips, we chose to use our proprietary GLX graphite.
$560.00 - $645.00
G. Loomis Float Rods
5 Reviews
Great Lakes anglers on both side of the border have been steelhead fishing with floats for years and now it is also becoming one of the more successful techniques in the Northwest. The G. Loomis float rods are unequaled in maximizing this technique, allowing your bait to reach the correct depth and stay in the zone longer, enabling you to cover a drift more efficiently than ever before.
$345.00 - $420.00