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Frabill: Ice Fishing Accessories13 RESULTS
Frabill Ice Dipper
The Frabill Ice Dipper serves many purposes with its long handle. It has an engraved ruler on the handle, so you have one less thing to haul out on the ice. You can measure that trophy fish with the same tool that you used to scoop the slush and ice out of your fishing hole. The long handle even helps to prevent stress on your back!
Frabill Depth Finder
Frabill Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit
The Frabill Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit elevates any angler’s game when setting tip-ups on the ice. The Frabill Universal Calibrator Line Counter Kit includes a line counter module with digital LCD display, a magnet and threaded mount, and universal mounting brackets to adjust to almost any tip-up.
Frabill Short Chisel
The Frabill Short Chisel is 26" long and weighs 4.5 lbs. It has a machine cutting surface and comes with a protective sheath cover and a PVC dipped handle with safety tether.
Frabill Ice Scoop
2 Reviews
The Frabill Ice Scoop is a large scoop used to remove ice shavings and slush from the hole more effectively than smaller scoops. It is extremely durable, constructed of polypropylene and reinforced nylon. The Frabill Ice Scoop features a long handle design that prevents stress on your back and a 30 inch engraved ruler on the handle. Frabill Ice Scoop has a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
Frabill Titanium Spring Bobber
13 Reviews
Frabill Titanium Spring Bobbers offer unmatched durability and beautiful flexibility with its titanium wire construction. Titanium construction leads to total kink and bend elimination as well as virtual weightlessness. The extremely lightweight design will not dampen rod tip action. This super sensitive spring bobber alerts you to the lightest bites, like bluegill kisses and the gentle crappie "cough". The Frabill Titanium Spring Bobber fits onto any combo. The adjustable design allows for use ...
Frabill Hammer Chisel
The Frabill Hammer Chisel is a powerful compact little multi optional chisel. The hammer end is great for really hammering away on thick ice. The double action chisel blades are better for more precise chiseling around tip-ups. This handy little chisel is constructed of heavy-duty, fully welded steel with a yellow powder coat finish. The Frabill Hammer Chisel measures only 20" long so it fits nicely in a bucket.
Frabill Standard Ice Chisel
The Frabill Standard Ice Chisel is beefier than the typical chisel. This ice chisel is great for checking ice conditions during early and late ice. The Frabill Standard Ice Chisel also works well for opening frozen holes. Constructed of welded steel with a machined cutting surface this chisel is sure to work well for years. The Frabill Standard Ice Chisel, #9000, measures 53" long and weighs 5.5 pounds. Includes a protective cover.
Frabill Safety Kit
2 Reviews
The Frabill Safety Kit contains the ice safety essentials. Winter means ice fishing and we love every minute of it, but safety should be of the utmost importance to all ice anglers. This kit contains safety gear that should be used by all ice anglers. Each package contains: one pair of retractable hand held spikes, only activated with downward pressure, one pair of X-Large Ice Creepers- fits men's boots size 10 and larger, one safety whistle.
Frabill Ice Picks
Frabill Ice Picks are designed to be literally worn, not tucked away in a pocket and inaccessible. The 72 inches of stretchable cord connect the two retractable, hand-held spikes. The spikes are covered by a durable guard only activated with downward pressure, when needed. The picks are used in the unfortunate event that you should happen to break through the ice. The Frabill Ice Picks are used to dig into the ice to help you pull yourself out of the freezing water.
Frabill Specialized Reel Tape
3 Reviews
Frabill Specialized Reel Tape is specially designed for attaching reels to ice fishing rods that have eva foam and cork grips. This tape bonds only to itself, and will not damage the rod grip. This reel tape adds comfort to the grip and is anti-slip when wet. Frabill Specialized Reel Tape comes in a 60 inch roll, enough to mount three to four combos and is rated to -65°F.
Frabill Sub Zero Multi-Purpose Low Temp Lubri...
Frabill Sub Zero Multi-Purpose Low Temp Lubricant is designed for use with tip-ups, ice fishing reels, and other winter use products. This lubricant prevents freeze-up to -60 F. and protects all metal parts from wear and corrosion. Frabill Sub Zero Multi-Purpose Low Temp Lubricant comes in a two oz. squeeze tube and features a special applicator tip that makes re-lubing of reels and tip-ups more convenient.
Frabill Panfish Popper Spring Bobbers
4 Reviews
Frabill Panfish Popper Spring Bobbers let you create your own finesse jigging rod by adding these spring bobbers to most existing rod tip-tops. These spring bobbers easily snap into the rod's tip-top guide. They fit most panfish actions rods with 4 1/2 mm to 6 1/2 mm tip tops and are designed for use with light lines and smaller finesse baits. Each package contains two bobbers and one line threader.