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Expedition Outdoors instills every encounter to be enhanced with engineered designs, tested materials and lifetime finished products with a goal of performance outcomes. People who enjoy the outdoors deserve the best in designs and quality. Expedition Outdoors achieve these goals by enjoying the outdoors too. Their team loves to ice fish. It’s from these experiences in the outdoors that inspires their unique products, in return enhancing your enjoyment of the outdoors. Explore. Encounter. Experience. Find your unknowns with Expedition Outdoors.
Cold Snap Reel Wrap Kit
The Cold Snap Reel Wrap Kit will hold your ice reel on your rod without damaging the cork by eliminating the use of tape. These bands also give a much better feel while fishing. The bands go on and come off easily to change out your reel quickly. The red container doubles as a tool to install the bands and also a storage container. The Cold Snap Reel Wrap Kit is made in the U.S.A. Please note: The combo shown in the image is for display purposes only and is not included.
Expedition Alien Grub Jig
The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is a tungsten jig that drops fast through the water column to reach the targeted depth quickly. The aggressive darting action when jigged is designed to lure in aggressive fish. This jig features an ultra sharp premium hook, small size to weight ratio, and reads well on depth finders. The Expedition Alien Grub Jig is safe for the environment and since tungsten is heavier than lead by size, this jig punches through slush and weeds with ease. Expedition Alien Grub Jig...
Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos
The Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos eliminates line twisting and over-spooling with its over-sized reel and 12.5 inch retrieval per revolution. The Expedition Paddle Reel Ice Combos are lightweight, 28 inches in length, and are good to use for all species of fish.
Expedition Pencil Grip Ice Combos
The Expedition Pencil Grip Combos have a revolutionary design in rod handle comfort and features some of the best rod action anywhere.The Expedition Pencil Grip Combos have custom ground fast tapers, Dyna flow guides, and an extra long stem to provide room to use while wearing gloves