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Cortland: Leaders & Tippet4 RESULTS
Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Tapered L...
The Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Tapered Leaders are designed and formulated for optimum performance in colder temperatures. These tapered leaders features heavy butt sections with aggressive tapers to aid in turning over heavy flies and indicator rigs in adverse conditions. The Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Tapered Leaders are 9' in length. We carry these leaders in 8, 10, and 12 lb. test. Each package contains one Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Tapered Leader.
Cortland Indicator Mono
4 Reviews
Cortland Indicator Mono is a special opaque monofilament that is manufactured in super bright solid colors that easily stand out against any background. They also remain highly visible in low light conditions. The Cortland Indicator Mono is perfect for European and high stick nymphing techniques when used as a straight indicator. Cortland Indicator Mono is also great for making coiled French style indicators. We stock Cortland Indicator Mono in 20 ft. coils. This monofilament is available in tw...
Cortland Toothy Critter Tie-Able Stainless St...
8 Reviews
Cortland Toothy Critter Tie-Able Stainless Steel Leader Material is supple enough for tying, but tough enough for even the most razor sharp teeth. Most conventional fishing knots work for tying and rigging with Toothy Critter. Chasing after pike, muskies, bluefish, and barracuda requires specialized tackle. Even the toughest gear is useless against those razor sharp teeth unless your fishing with a leader material that can stand up to the task. Cortland Toothy Critter Tie-Able Stainless Steel Le...
Cortland LC-13 Lead Core
3 Reviews
Cortland LC-13 Lead Core has a tough, smooth vinyl coating over a lead core braid, which allows anglers to build their own shooting heads, sink-tips, or sinking leaders. At 13 grains per foot, simply cut the LC-13 to the desired length. This line attaches easily by using Cortland's braided slip-on leader loops (Cortland recommends using the smaller diameter leader loops). Each package contains 30 ft. of line and has a weight of 13 grains per foot, which gives it a sink rate of 8 3/4 inches per s...