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Cortland: Fly Lines(12)
Cortland Precision Trout Boss Fly Line
The Trout Boss Fly Line is the ultimate trout line from Cortland featuring a completely new jacket material. The HDT (Heat Dissipation Technology) jacket material maintains peak performance even under the most rigorous fishing conditions. HDT ensures minimal friction with the rod guides allowing the line to stay cooler, improving false casting, line speed and distance. These are all weight forward floating lines. This line is pale olive in color with a convenient color change to white at the back end of the head for a visual pickup marker.
Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Line
Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Lines offer the time tested proven features of 444 Classic fly line with the added benefit of an integrated 10 foot type 3 sinking tip. The weight forward design is easy casting while the supple, glass smooth finish of the 444 Classic allows the angler to easily mend and pick up line quickly while still keeping your fly down where the fish are feeding. We carry the Cortland 444 Classic 10' Sink Tip Fly Lines in line sizes WF4F/S through WF9F/S.
Cortland Fairplay WF Floating Fly Line
Cortland Fairplay WF Floating Fly Line offers the fly caster increased distance from an all purpose fly line. Fairplay lines are full length and cast much better than most entry level lines from other manufacturers. This line includes a slick outer surface coating which aides in casting and keeps the line floating high. Fairplay WF Floating Fly Lines are available in WF4F through WF9F. All lines are orange in color.
Cortland Precision Tropic Plus Floating Fly Line
Precision Tropic Plus Floating Fly Lines are the best all-around tropical line no matter what species you prefer to chase after. These full floating lines are built using an extremely durable, hard outer finish and a braided mono core (20# braid on WF6F lines, 30# on WF10F lines) to handle hot tropical climates. A unique long body taper design allows for quickly loading and long accurate casting.
Cortland Precision Running Line
One of the biggest problems with shooting head/running line set-ups has been the "hinge" that develops when you connect the two different lines. Not anymore! Cortland has developed the Precision running line which features a small front body that tapers into the rest of the running line eliminating hinging and adding distance to every cast. The front body mates exactly to the rear taper of the Shooting Head for smooth energy transfer, then tapers into the running line section.
Cortland Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip Floating Fly Line
The Precision Platinum is Cortland's latest addition to the ground-breaking Precision Dyna-Tip floating trout fly line series. These lines are specifically designed for versatile performance in a wide range of difficult to extreme trout fishing situations. Platinum lines excel in large rivers and tailwaters to spring creeks and small streams.
Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Dyna-Tip Floating Fly Line
Cortland Precision Salmon/Steelhead Dyna-Tip Floating Fly Line is specifically designed for specialized performance with a long belly that handles large indica
Cortland Precision Finesse Trout Floating Fly Line
Cortland Precision Finesse Trout Floating Fly Line features a weight forward design that is specifically designed for fishing tiny flies at great distances acro
Cortland 444 Classic Sylk Floating Fly Line
Skillfully designed for the avid bamboo and fiberglass angler, the 444 Classic Sylk fly line is butter-soft and is smaller in diameter than traditional synthetic floating lines, making it the line of choice for traditional action rod anglers, including those earlier rod designs that have smaller guides. Their suppleness makes them great cold weather lines with virtually any fly rod. The taper of the 444 Classic Sylk is based on traditional silk line designs with long front tapers and longer level tips. Available in WF3F-WF7F and DT4F-DT6F.
Cortland 333 Classic Floating Fly Line
The Cortland 333 Classic Floating Fly Lines are economically priced, durable, high floating, general purpose fly lines available in both double taper and weight forward tapers.
Cortland 444 Classic Floating Fly Line
The Cortland 444 "Classic" is a supple fly line with superior buoyancy and a glass smooth surface. The precision taper designs softly turn-over your leaders for delicate presentations. This is the "classic" Cortland 444 line. It is an excellent line for all fishing conditions including cold water situations.
Cortland 444 SL Classic Floating Fly Line
The "SL" series is Cortland's intermediate class premium line. This "Specialized Line" was developed specially for anglers concerned with distance casting and overcoming wind. It is produced with a unique formula that provides a greater degree of stiffness that other lines on the market. The 444SL comes in a mint green color.