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Holiday Blowout at FishUSA
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Church Tackle Revelator Flashers
The Church Tackle Revelator Flashers are unique fish shaped flashers with 3-D eyes and flashy WTP tape. Combine these flashers with any of your top producing spoons, flies, or cut bait heads.
Float Master Products Teardrop Strike Indicators
The Float Master Teardrop Strike Indicators are molded from high density polystyrene. This material makes these strike indicators very durable as well as buoyant. The Float Master Teardrop Strike Indicators are very simple to use, they attach to your line using a piece of natural latex rubber tubing. Instructions for attaching these indicators to your line are found on the back of the package.
$4.15 - $4.55
$2.49 - $2.73
DAM Slotted Cork Floats (7108)
DAM Slotted Cork Floats are made of Portuguese quality cork – carefully selected and crafted! Cork floats will not crack like plastic bobbers and floats. We carry DAM Slotted Cork Floats in 2.2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, and 6 cm sizes.
$1.75 - $3.85
$0.88 - $1.93
DAM MAD Ambush D Rig
The DAM MAD Ambush D Rig is a pop-up rig tied using a Longshank hook and MAD Ambush fluorocarbon line that is nearly invisible under water. With an approximate 13 cm length, it is a high tactics rig that gives the carp little room to move or blow the boilie out. We carry MAD Ambush D Rigs in hook sizes 6, 4, 2, and 1. These are 13cm (5.12 in.) with a 20 pound test rating. Two rigs per pack.
VMC 9171 Siwash Hooks
The VMC 9171 Siwash Hooks feature an open eye making these the easiest way to replace hooks on any spoon or lure with or without split rings. VMC has tempered the hook eyes to be soft enough to bend into place yet are still hard enough to endure pressure from large fish. The hooks are constructed form high carbon steel and have a saltwater safe Perma Steel finish. These hooks have VMC's cut points for durability and holding power.
$3.75 - $4.25
$2.25 - $2.55
Matzuo Model 140 Sickle Baitholder Hooks - Red Chrome
Matzuo hooks are crafted from high grade, high carbon steel giving these hooks great strength. Matzuo's patented Sickle design creates a unique bend that strengthens the hook and allows for thinner materials to be used during construction. These hooks have greater penetration and holding power than similar standard bend hooks. All Matzuo hooks feature protective finishes, needle points and undergo strict quality control standards.
Eagle Claw L092 Lazer Sharp Wide Gap Worm Hooks - 5 Pack
Lazer Sharp Series hooks recently earned the prestigious Best Hook Series in the World award at the American Sportfishing Association's ICAST show. Their super-sharp needle tips penetrate quickly, while the forged points are strong enough to handle the most demanding conditions. Every Eagle Claw fish hook gives you maximum performance no matter what you're fishing for.
$2.20 - $2.75
$1.10 - $1.38
Blackbird Slip Floats by Redwing Tackle
These are the Blackbird slip floats made in Canada by Redwing Tackle. They have excellent buoyancy and castability and are popular for all types of drift and float fishing. They are similar to the Blackbird Originals, but also have a glow-in-the-dark tip and a living rubber bobber stop.