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Berkley Pistol Lip Grip
The Berkley Pistol Lip Grip is designed to latch onto the lip of a fish and lock down after the trigger is released. The only way the jaws will open is by activating the trigger on the tool.
$39.95 - $59.95
$31.96 - $47.96
Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip/Digital Scale (BGLGDS)
The Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip with Digital Scale helps anglers to land, handle and weigh big fish, especially the toothy kind that require a bit of distance between your fingers and its teeth. The downward force by the fish actually squeezes the oversized jaws together, keeping you in control. This Lip Grip reduces handling of fish, making it great for catch and release of any species. The built-in digital scale accurately weighs fish up to 30 pounds.
Berkley Canvas Creel
The Berkley Canvas Creel is a great was to take your catch with you at a great price. Features of the Berkley Canvas Creel include durable canvas construction for years of use, three pocket design for carrying additional gear, plastic lined interior for easy cleaning, mesh side vents keep fish cool, adjustable carrying strap and spring close top.
Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor
The Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor is great from removing hooks from toothy gamefish species. The sure-grip jaw securely grabs embedded hooks for removal. This hook extractor is easy to use, reduces the risk of having to cut the line and is a quick alternative to removing hooks by hand with less harm to fish. This is a great tool for catch and release anglers. The Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor features a long neck that keeps hands and fingers away from sharp teeth and gills.
Berkley 7" Precision Grip Aluminum Fishing Pliers
Berkley 7" Precision Grip Aluminum Fishing Pliers feature lightweight yet incredibly durable aluminum body construction with corrosion resistant stainless steel jaw inserts. The serrated jaws hold hooks secure for easy removal while the built-in crimping tool and split ring tip make short work of rigging line and lures. Located at the back of the jaw are two replaceable carbide cutters, perfect for cutting any size monofilament, fluorocarbon, braid or wire line. Includes sheath and tether.
Berkley Fish Stringers
Berkley Fish Stringers feature durable braided line construction with tapered needles and sturdy rings. The 6 ft. Polyethylene model (BAPES6) is yellow for high visibility and is great for small panfish and trout. The 15 ft. Polypropylene model (BAPPS15) is white in color and features a softer finish which keeps fish in better condition for longer periods of time. The 25 ft. Polyethylene model (BAHDBS) is yellow for high visibility and is great for large fish such as catfish, pike and saltwater species.
$0.95 - $2.45
$0.71 - $1.84