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Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories
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Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories are perfect for rigging the Savage Gear 3D Craw in various methods. Stand Up Jig Head - Used to fish the 3D Craw in a defensive "claws up" posture. Weedless Hook with Corkscrew - Easily mount the 3D Craw or other soft lures. Perfectly balanced centered corkscrew and shank weight. Stealth Spike - Rig the 3D Craw for forward dragging for the most natural presentation of a crawdad. Insert into the bait just behind the legs, with the wire just sticking out of the mout...
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Hali Tube Hooks
Hali Tube Hooks feature brightly colored tubes over a metal dropper chain hook. Use these alone or attach them to your favorite spoon or jig. Hali Tube Hooks are great for ice fishing and other year round fishing. Hali Tube Hooks are size 8 and 10. Each package contains two hooks and two split rings.
Savage Gear Sand Eel Slug Darting Jig Heads
Savage Gear Sand Eel Slug Darting Jig Heads are designed mainly for vertical fishing in deep water. These feature a narrow, current cutting, center balanced jighead of a style traditionally used in the Northeast striper fishery. There, it’s known colloquially as a “Nordic Eel” jighead. Sand Eel Jig Heads offer a unique weedless hook made just for the Sandeel Slug for inshore flats fishing. These jig heads allow for a very quick change. Each package contains five jigs.
Savage Gear Sand Eel Jig Heads
Savage Gear Sand Eel Jig Heads are perfect for use with all styles of loose body soft lures. These jig heads feature a superior finish and ultra sharp Japanese Forged round bend hooks. These Sand Eel Jig Heads are great for saltwater jigging and vertical fishing for striped bass, seabass, and cod. Each package contains three jig heads.