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Berkley: Tools(17)
Berkley Floating Dehooker
The Berkley Floating Dehooker allows you to safely remove stubborn hooks without the worries of loosing the Dehooker if it gets dropped in the water. It has a s
Berkley Pistol Lip Grip
The Berkley Pistol Lip Grip is designed to latch onto the lip of a fish and lock down after the trigger is released. The only way the jaws will open is by activ
$37.95 - $57.95
Berkley Worm Threader
The Berkley Worm Threader makes rigging worms easy and effortless. The stainless steel tube construction is corrosion resistant and long lasting. The wooden han
Berkley Fishing Multi Tool
The Berkley Fishing Multi Tool features a lightweight yet durable aluminum frame containing all the necessary tools for your fishing tasks. All of the tools are
Berkley Worm Blower
The Berkley Worm Blower is perfect for getting worms or night crawlers up off of the bottom and within reach of more fish. The worm blower injects air through t
Berkley Mini Line Spooler
The Berkley Mini Line Spooler clips on to nearly any size rod, allowing you to easily spool line on to your reel. The Mini Line Spooler accommodates up to a 1/4
Berkley Angler's Super Glue
Berkley Angler's Super Glue bonds in seconds with superior strength. Great for use on braided, fluorocarbon, and monofilament line knots, soft baits, and hooks.
Berkley Hot Line Cutter
The Berkley Hot Line Cutter instantly cuts and cauterizes all types of fishing line and is very handy if you fish with braided or fused superlines such as Firel
Berkley Submersible LED Fishing Light
The Berkley Submersible LED Fishing Light features six high intensity green LED's that attract most fish species. The specially designed reflector disperses lig
Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip/Digital Scale
The Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip/Digital Scale helps anglers to land, handle, and weigh big fish, especially the toothy kind that require a bit of distance between
Berkley Line Counter
The Berkley Line Counter allows you to fish at controlled depths without the use of bulky line counter reels. With this line counter you'll be able to set your
Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler
The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler measures fish up to 22 inches. This ruler features an L-bend for placement of the fishes head to get an accurate measurement at
Berkley Portable Reel Spooling Stations
Berkley Portable Reel Spooling Stations make spooling reels quick and easy with no line twists. These handy table top units accept most casting and spinning ree
Berkley Marker Buoy
The Berkley Marker Buoy allows you to mark fishing spots or trouble areas. These bright orange buoys have a classic dumbbell shape. A six ounce anchor weight is
Berkley Digital Tournament Fish Scale
The Berkley 15 Pound Digital Tournament Fish Scale records multiple fish weights and also totals the weights of all the fish together. This is the perfect scale
Berkley Pocket Line Stripper
The Berkley Pocket Line Stripper makes fast work of an otherwise tedious job. Designed to strip old line off your reels quickly and easily. It will strip 2 - 50
Berkley Digital Fish Scales
The Berkley Digital Fish Scales are extremely accurate digital scales for weighing your catch. These scales are made of high impact ABS for durability and are c
$22.95 - $32.95