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Holiday Blowout at FishUSA
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Swivels, Snaps & Split Rings
Berkley: Swivels, Snaps & Split Rings(6)
Berkley McMahon Swivels
Berkley McMahon Swivels offer anglers exceptionally strong swivels providing no-twist protection. Each Berkley McMahon Swivels package contains 144 swivels.
Berkley Cross-Lok Snap Swivels
Berkley Cross-Lok Snap Swivels provide smooth rotating, precision swivels to keeps baits from twisting line. Berkley Cross-Lok Snap Swivels are durable.
Berkley 3-Way Swivels
Berkley 3-Way Swivels are exceptionally strong and feature three twisted wire eyes in a black nickel finish. Berkley 3-way swivels come in a plastic resealable bag. Berkley 3-way Swivels are available in sizes 2/0. 1/0. 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8.
$1.95 - $2.45
Berkley Ball Bearing Swivels
The Berkley Ball Bearing Swivels are the ultimate in smooth, rotating ball bearing swivels. These are brass swivels with a non-glare matte black finish. The precision ball bearing design helps to reduce line twist.
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps
Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps allow you to change lures quickly and easily. The Cross-Lok Snaps are constructed of non-glare matte black finished stainless steel making them corrosion restitant. The wire-over-wire locking design makes these snaps extra tough, holding strong even under pressure.
Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok Snap Swivels
Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok Snap Swivels feature durable construction and a non-glare matte black finish. The precision ball bearing design keeps baits from twisting line while the Cross-Lok closure provides an easy to use, yet stable connection for baits, leaders and other terminal tackle. We carry the Berkley Ball Bearing Cross-Lok Snap Swivels in sizes 2 through 6. Sizes 2 and 3 come three swivels per package. Sizes 4, 5 and 6 come two swivels per package.