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Fly Reels
Bass: Fly Reels(6)
Okuma Integrity Fly Reels - B Series
Okuma Integrity Fly Reels feature a large arbor design for faster line retrieval. This Okuma Integrity large arbor fly reel is great for line management when hard charging fish take out line and then change direction, forcing you to take up line quickly. The large arbor spool creates less line coiling as the line lays in larger circles on the spool. These reels are built with strong, one-way disc drag systems. This system allows for super smooth high-end drag pressure with drag free retrieval. Available in four sizes.
$59.95 - $64.95
Pflueger President Fly Reels
Pflueger President Fly Reels feature a large arbor design for fast retrieves when playing large fish. These top-quality machined fly reels feature a fully ported frame and spool to keep weight at a minimum while keeping strength at the maximum. The President Fly Reels compliment modern fly rod design and balance well with even the lightest rods. The strong, center disc drag system easily adjusts to a wide range of fish fighting settings while the 2 bearing drive ensures the smoothest operation.
$169.95 - $179.95
Okuma SLV Fly Reels
The Okuma SLV fly reel has a large arbor design that gives faster line retrieval for a single action fly reel. Traditionally known as a specialty reel, large ar
Okuma Helios Fly Reels
The Okuma Helios Fly Reels are proof that Okuma continues to develop the most technological advancements in fishing tackle without compromising performance or value. Okuma Helios Fly Reels are the ultimate fly reel. The machined aluminum frames and spools fit the demands of the most experienced fly fishermen. The multi-disk waterproof drags and one way clutch bearings make these reels the jewel of the highly regarded Okuma line of fly reels.
$189.95 - $199.95
$151.96 - $159.96
Pflueger Trion Fly Reels
Pflueger Trion Fly Reels sets the standard for affordable, top-quality machined fly reels. These reels are mid-arbor designed and are extensively ported to reduce weight. Trion fly reels are beautifully machined and come with a protective cordura case.
Okuma Sierra Fly Reels
The Okuma Sierra Fly Reels are economically priced but packed with features. Whether you are a first time fly angler or a guide looking for something new
$36.95 - $46.95