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Holiday Blowout at FishUSA
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Church Tackle Revelator Flashers
The Church Tackle Revelator Flashers are unique fish shaped flashers with 3-D eyes and flashy WTP tape. Combine these flashers with any of your top producing spoons, flies, or cut bait heads.
DAM MAD Ambush D Rig
The DAM MAD Ambush D Rig is a pop-up rig tied using a Longshank hook and MAD Ambush fluorocarbon line that is nearly invisible under water. With an approximate 13 cm length, it is a high tactics rig that gives the carp little room to move or blow the boilie out. We carry MAD Ambush D Rigs in hook sizes 6, 4, 2, and 1. These are 13cm (5.12 in.) with a 20 pound test rating. Two rigs per pack.
Renosky Tournament Pro Umbrella Rig
The Renosky Tournament Pro Umbrella Rig is a castable rig featuring five adjustable wire arms and five Renosky 5" Paddle Tail Shads. The Renosky 5" Paddle Tail Shads feature Mirror Image Foil, the most life-like foil in the industry today. The lead is contained inside the swimbaits creating a perfect balance, a more natural look and also collecting less weeds.
Venom Pay-Me Umbrella Rigs
Venom Pay-Me Umbrella Rigs feature a castable umbrella rig design with five adjustable wire with swivel snaps for attaching baits. The lightweight 3/16 ounce heads make these umbrella rigs perfect for use with 1/8 ounce and 1/4 ounce jigheads and 4 inch to 5 inch swimbaits. Pay-Me Umbrella Rigs perfectly mimic a small school of baitfish. Each rig is approximately 8" in length. Available in three colors.
Bass Assassin Armed Assassin Umbrella Rigs
Bass Assassin Armed Assassin Umbrella Rigs are taking the fishing world by storm! The castable Armed Assassin's unique umbrella rig design allows you to bait 5 hooks at once to perfectly mimic the action of a small school of baitfish. The Bass Assassin Armed Assassin Umbrella Rig comes packaged as an all-in-one kit including a mini umbrella rig, jigs and swimbaits. Available in 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. umbrella sizes, each in four colors.