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Artificial & Prepared Baits & Attractants
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Pautzke Balls O' Fire Can O' Corn
Pautzke Balls O' Fire Can O' Corn is made from high quality American-grown sweet corn and cooked to perfection under a hot flame using a proprietary process tha
Pautzke Fire Bait Glitter Trout Bait
Pautzke Fire Bait Glitter Trout Bait is the latest in Pautzke's new generation of revolutionary trout products. Fire Bait is deadly effective on trout because it takes advantage of a trout's visual feeding habit with unique glitter-filled colors from basic to multi-colored baits. Its proprietary scent formula is the most effective ever developed for floating dough baits. Fire bait is infused with Pautzke original Krill recipe and given an extra boost with the juices from their Balls O' Fire eggs. Available in sixteen colors in 1.5 oz. jars.
Berkley Gulp! Floating Corn
Berkley Gulp! Floating Corn is a great bait for stream trout and also works well for carp, catfish and a wide variety of panfish. These floating morsels hover just off the bottom when used with light wire hooks, keeping them in the strike zone. Berkley Gulp! Floating Corn comes in a resealable bag and includes 20 pieces per pack. These baits are available in three colors. They are Berkley model #GHFCN.
Uncle Josh Little Stinker Catfish Dough Bait
Uncle Josh Little Stinker Catfish Dough Bait features a powerful formula that catfish can't resist. Channels, flatheads, blues, it works on all species. Fact is, no self-respecting catfish will turn up his nose at Little Stinker. We carry Uncle Josh Little Stinker Catfish Dough Bait in Blood, Chicken Liver and Original scents. Little Stinker comes in a 14 oz. jar (net weight) with a screw-on lid. Little Stinker has a shelf life of 2-3 years.
Berkley Gulp! Catfish Chunks
Berkley Gulp! Catfish Chunks feature a design that is ideal for catfish. They look, feel, and smell like a natural bait. Catfish baits come as 1.5"
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