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Amish Outfitters: Storage(7)
Amish Outfitters Crawler Harness Caddies
The Amish Outfitters Crawler Harness Caddies are a plano box with foam inserts, and pins, that holds your harnesses securely and tangle free. The Crawler
$20.95 - $42.95
Amish Outfitters Tube Caddies
The Amish Outfitters Tube Caddies are a tube storage system for lures and terminal tackle.
$25.95 - $49.95
Amish Outfitters Spoon Caddies
The Amish Outfitters Spoon Caddies stores your spoons for easy access and viewing from both sides. These caddies are Plano boxes that have precut slits in
$18.95 - $30.95
Amish Outfitters Harness Blade Caddy
The Amish Outfitters Harness Blade Caddy is a Plano box, with durable foam inserts, that has precut slits which will hold up to 80 blades securely , free
Amish Outfitters Lure Wraps
The Amish Outfitters Lure Wraps are used to cover the lure and hooks, preventing tangles as well as being hooked in the hand or anywhere else for that matter. The velcro closure keeps the wrap securely in place. The Amish Outfitters Lure Wraps are constructed of heavy duty boat cover material for maximum protection. These tough lure wraps allow rods to be stored while rigged without the fear of the horrible tangles that are all to common. The Amish Outfitters Lure Wraps are available in two sizes: 9"x6" and 6"x4" open. Each package contains two Amish Outfitters Lure Wraps.
$2.95 - $3.25
Amish Outfitters Leader Keeper
The Amish Outfitters Leader Keeper securely stores your leaders without tangles. The larger diameter helps to reduce coiling memory of the leaders. An attached loop provides a point from which to hang the Leader Keeper. Thirteen slits along the length of the Amish Outfitters Leader Keeper provide ample leader storage. Constructed of polyethylene foam. The Amish Outfitters Leader Keeper measures 6" tall by 4" in diameter.
Amish Outfitters Lure Pads
Amish Outfitters Lure Pads offer a superior tackle storage system that provides more protection for your lures than ordinary tackle boxes. The pads are made from closed cell neoprene that securely holds hooks. Amish Outfitters Lure Pads feature a UV resistant clear plastic cover. This cover protects the lures from fading in the suns harmful rays. The clear plastic cover is heavy enough to offer protection from the hooks sharp points and accidental impalement. The Amish Outfitters Lure Pads are available in three sizes.
$11.95 - $20.95